On Windows 7

After a damn long installation over a few hours, my laptop is now running Windows 7. Having used it for an hour or two, I think I should just comment on the system.

The reason why I wanted to jump to Windows 7 was because I was running on Vista, which is lagging my computer by quite a bit. Hence I only wanted to change the OS so it would run a little more smoother, hopefully. It seemed promising though. The start up time is faster than Vista, but the loading of Firefox is still slow, so I guess it’s Firefox’s problem.

There’s still a little lag here and there, but overall it feels much smoother than Vista, and I think I wouldn’t need to keep waiting to access my files. But I have only used it for a few hours, and I can’t really comment much since I’m only using Firefox, MSN as well as Visual Studio. But I kind of like the new taskbar and it seemed like it would bring me much convenience.

Anyway updates on school, it’s week 9 already. 5 more weeks to the dreaded examinations, meaning its only 4 more weeks before every single project MUST end, and I’m still coding my Graphical User Interface and trying things out. It has been a fun journey, however, learning Visual Basic from scratch and feeling the sense of satisfaction when it actually works right before your eyes. Another reason why I enjoy programming. You can actually see your end product and feel proud of it, even though it’s quite noobish.

I’m also like rushing through my essay for Engineering Professionalism. Trying to finish it within this day or the next and then it’ll be time to combine all of our parts and then start writing the introduction and the conclusion, and then it’s one good essay ready to hand in next week!

Haven’t really done much on EE2007’s Monopoly project, although I wrote more than 700 lines of Assembly code, mostly to draw the user interface. The actual game hasn’t been programmed yet, but some features I have tried writing already. That will be built more tomorrow in the lab session.

As for baby duck, I think we’re on the process of understanding each other better, like tempers and stuff, but I should really not lose my cool so easily. Must control. Something’s wrong with me occasionally. But overall it has been great. Really enjoy her company a lot.

Work is getting busy and I probably should concentrate and be more efficient. I shall decrease my already low activity on Facebook, and do more work everyday! Start becoming a more efficient person by setting out tasks I want to complete everyday and making sure I complete it.

Oh btw if anyone wants Windows 7, and you’re an NUS student in ECE (FoE) or SoC, then you’re eligible under the MSDNAA program to download free Windows 7 legally. For ECE students, we won’t be notified of it. Google MSDNAA, find the list of schools in Singapore under the program. Find our department and find the email of the person in charge and email him. He’ll give you an MSDNAA account under ECE. Then you’ll be able to download Windows 7. Just in case you didn’t know, x86 is 32bit, x64 is 64 bit. 🙂

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