My life

Suddenly I feel that I’ve been bloody inefficient. You know why?

I don’t have a CCA to take up my time, yet I spend all my time on studying that I’m not doing anything else. What happened to the me that wants to be entrepreneurial? That wants to learn more about financial stuff so that I can start to invest and compound my money? Or what happened to the tutor website that I have built a few years ago?

I’ve just been lazy. Or just that I’m feeling sian because there’s nobody working on the same thing with me, talking excitedly about the project and then being enthusiastic with each other. Then perhaps I’ll feel more passionate about it? I don’t know.

But it’s always great to have an alternative source of income. Something that you can do as a student, and then supply a service or sell something. Tuition sites, well they are in “demand” but there’s too many such sites already. Just today I saw a pamphlet at TechnoEdge. What best tuition agency because they charge 40% commission. Bullshit. I charge no commission. Haha. But I’m not a tuition agency. Just a site that allows people to search for things freely. I think my ideas are good, but I never did market my site properly.

But I like the satisfaction knowing that I can build something, and it is being used by people. Maybe I should really continue working hard on my financial website, at least make me try and read more and just post for fun. At least I work.

Probably need to find someone trust-able with this sort of interest in starting something up, whether there is money to be earned or not. But there doesn’t seem to be anyone like this. Anyone has any special interest? Like baking cakes or cookies or stuff.

Haha. I used to think about setting up this mega online blog shop. A place where all the small time blog shops can place their wares in a very professional looking place. And then you can use the well designed search functions to find the things you want. See all options at one go instead of needing to find from all different kind of shops. Most shops are difficult to surf around and not very professional anyway. But then again someone told me its not a good idea, so well.

I guess my dreams have always been blown to dust. 😦 Shall think of something more viable that I can do I guess. 🙂

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