Kent Ridge Ministerial Forum 2009

I managed to get tickets to the Kent Ridge Ministerial Forum 2009, which was held yesterday in the University Cultural Center, NUS. I must say that it was a little boring hour wait whilst everyone got settled down, and finally our Minister Mentor came into the hall and we started the forum.

There were a total of 9 selected questions, represented mostly by NUS and SMU, with only one from NTU if I remember correctly. If you want to know what type of questions there was and how MM’s answer is, today’s papers have them nicely done up.

I guess the highlight of the day was just to see MM walk in and answer questions. I was in the first few rows, and I got to see him close up. And from his answers you knew that this man is different. There’s something about him that we all should learn about. A trait which only the successful have, because by having such traits, people become successful.

MM Lee said that when he wants to do something, he’ll put in his best and make sure the things get done. This sounds simple, but here is a man who as done it. Most of us find it easy to say, let’s just do our best. But are we sure that that is our best? Because we can find many reasons to show that we could have done better, and we didn’t. Or we give up halfway, citing difficulties in accomplishing the task. Or the best thing of all, right at the beginning, we think about how to do things the easiest way out, even when it may not accomplish the task to the right effect.

Once, the was another man who gave a speech to a room of students, and he said this: “You can plan your life up to 90% accurate”. And Adam Khoo, in a speech I have heard live, said: “3% of Yale knew what they were doing. They knew what they were going to do when they graduate, and how much they are going to earn. And subsequent researched showed that this 3% of students earned more money combined than the other 97% combined.” It’s not surprising. The successful people have always planned their actions, and they knew what they were doing. Many of us are in school not knowing what we are going to do or why we are there, a reason why many of us are unsuccessful in school work itself.

Hence yesterday’s forum made me think again. What do I want to do with my life. Instead of the forum’s theme, which is “What will Singapore be like in the next 50 years”, I was thinking, “What will my life be like in the next 50 years”. I know what I want, and it’s time to find out how to get it.

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