The hell week

Well, not only NDU has a hell week, or Guards have the Guards PT. Or the 1 week of field camp HELL. In NUS, I’m having the hell week too. Where you have a cumulative one shot all projects due, and the weightage is 100%, 30%, 25% and 25%! Not a minor project at all.

I’ve just gone to school for the 7th day straight. Yesterday I spent the entire morning and afternoon in school fixing up the RFID problem. When incorporated into the other subsystems, the thing doesn’t coexist properly. Not to mention the RFID throws up error characters until we press reset. After we press reset, it’ll work. But we can’t possibly press reset when we start our presentation, can we?

So we spent one whole day fixing the problem. At last the RFID can coexist with the other subsystems. The LCD system works, and the servo motor doesn’t vibrate wildly. And best of all, the correct characters are sent at the beginning without any need for resetting.

It was a great moment for the four of us as we suddenly levelled up in school grounds and all of our health and mana points went back to max. For that few hours. Then it was back to home to rush the ACC questions for today’s group meeting IN SCHOOL AGAIN.

Frankly I am very irritated with the ACC groupmates. They are not contributing their answers. I met one guy for the first time today in a meeting, and he came late. He also didn’t actually contribute one single proper answer which we incorporated into our assignment.

The other guy did about half, although his standard of answering was not good enough. He obviously didn’t put in much effort for the 2nd half because when I asked him for answers, his answers were always not up to standard. Plus he kept giving me the stupid questions, those that you want to slap him because he obviously just misread the question or misread the answer you have given.

The last guy is alright. Before today’s meeting he contributed his answers on time, and his answers are almost always incorporated into the assignment. But he didn’t prepare today’s 25 mark question. I spent so much time on it doing the ratios and the graphs. I hope they will go and compile everything and fix it. I am washing my hands off because I think I contributed enough to this project.

It feels worse because:
1) This is an extra module on top of the 160 MCs I need for graduation. Which means, I don’t need this module to graduate.
2) Even if I need this module to graduate, I have enough S/Us to use. I can effectively ignore this and just learn for information, and then get maybe a B or a C and change it to an S. Then I can concentrate on other modules.

So I’m just going to do that. I don’t see the point in me doing so much work when I got other modules to care about too.

I’m rushing the last part of my EE2007 flow charts and reports now, due Wednesday when I present my working monopoly game that’s going to be played using two computers connected by the RS232 cable. After that I will feel more at ease when one less project is on my shoulders. 🙂

Have to work hard!

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