EE2001 – 90% finished

I finished my presentation today for EE2001. We all wore formal and gave our best in this presentation where we showcased what we did for the entire semester. It’s a 100% CA module, and there’s only 10% left, which is the project documentation. It includes all the plans we have made, the Gantt charts, the designs, photos, user manual, team communications, minutes and so on and so forth. The beginning 90% has already been completed, what’s left now is to wait for the grades. I hope it would be great.

My group was in the lab at 9am to test our system. I encountered the bug that I always had, and suddenly I had a flash of inspiration, and I discovered what the bug was and I hunted it and conquered it. The last bug of the whole system is a GUI bug. After testing, we went through our rehearsals and then we filmed our presentation down using our video camera for submission as part of the project documentation. We are going to cut it and link all the videos together, and maybe put it on YouTube. It’s currently at 100 megabytes.

We then sat down, watch Bleach, went for lunch, and came back at 2pm waiting for our presentation at 3.30pm, and those were the longest time in our semester life. We got so bored that we didn’t know what to do. Other teams seem to be doing well, and the professors smiled a lot for one team. And finally, it was my group’s turn and we gave a quick presentation. Prof Sahoo smiled and said “Good”, but I still think it isn’t fantastic. He didn’t smile as much as he did with the other group, but I think generally, we should be average, if not better. At least our systems were all working. Some other teams had systems that weren’t working properly.

But well, it is a load off my shoulders, and I have only one more project left, the one which I feel totally lost for. At least I got most parts done. I think I have done as much as I can already, maybe I’m just not cut out to take microelectronics. It’s quite stressful. I think I deserve a nice break after tomorrow, and then it is time to prepare for the examinations again!

Exams are coming, and it’s one mad dash again. If can, I’ll post videos and photos next time!

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