Where has time gone to?

Sometimes I wonder where has my time gone to.

It’s like time speeds up infinitely fast when the semester begins, and it’s one big mad rush till the end, when you finally shout in desperation and in victory after the final examinations. And then it finally slows down again, relaxing, when you have your holidays.

And within the month, the semester begins AGAIN with another 4 full months of studying and examinations. And a 3 month long break, which I will never have again since it’s time for the Industrial Attachment.

Which brings me to the point of, where has the time gone to? I’m so lost during the semester time. Time is filled working on projects and assignments, writing essays and reports, doing flow charts, creating programs and more programs. It’s fun yet, but where’s my other hobbies. They seem to have disappeared.

It’s like you suddenly stop being you once the semester begins, because you become a STUDENT. And when the holidays come you feel like relaxing and watching dramas and what have you. It’s like impossible to do anything, isn’t it?

I think I’m just giving excuses. The successful always have time to do their own things. Time to learn more about time manipulation.

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