Advertisement: Buying a property in Singapore

Just yesterday at my JC clique outing, we were talking about one of us who have been attached for 6 plus years. We were all quite envious of his “luck” or ability to find a soul mate. In the middle of the conversation, we suddenly went on to talk about how young couples must register a flat 3 years in advance before getting married, because that is how long a HDB flat takes to build. So we think that if he wants to get married at 26 (I don’t know when he wants to), it means he need to register now at 23. For the rest of us singles, we have to wait till 35 before we can buy a Singapore HDB flat. The reality can be really vicious when you’re a single.

Fortunately, if anyone is itching to have his or her own house, there’s still the resale market. You won’t get the HDB subsidy, but at least there’s a chance to buy your own house if you’re rich enough. However, finding a house isn’t an easy feat. Where should anyone start from? Once again, technology comes to save the day in the form of an all in one portal to buy real estate in Singapore. ST701 deals with a variety of stuff, and one of them is property in Singapore.


When you have so many listings in the newspapers, you have to go through them one by one and circle those property that you are interested in, just like how the dramas portray the jobless, by circling the relevant job advertisements. But in this technological age, it makes no sense to do such manual work when we can save time by streamlining it down to things we want. You want houses at Boon Lay? Why look at Pasir Ris? You want Condominiums? Why look at HDB flats? Sort your data effortlessly with ST701. They even allow you to sort it by a price range and a space range (in sq ft), number of bed rooms, and whether it is for rent.


But what I really like is that they also feature articles on the property market. There is also the property price trend graphs for those who are visual people. There are actually many different things you can do on the website, and I think it is important to go through some material there so that we are all aware and will be less ignorant about real estate matters. Only then we can choose a good deal for ourselves.

So bookmark this website now @ You may need it sooner or later!

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