My results

Today is the day that students in NUS spend countless hours trying to check their results. This never happened before. This time, it took anyone of us hours before we could retrieve our results, thanks to the NUS team shifting all the websites and centralise it as a system called Isis. To log in to Isis, we have to use the Vpn as Isis is probably an intranet in school. The bottle neck is at the stupid Vpn because it couldn’t handle the thousands of students all checking their results when the clock strikes 9, or 10 for FoE blabla and so on for other faculties.

Anyway I managed to check my results earlier because my friends at SoC had the SoC Vpn, and that wasn’t bottlenecked as the rest of us wouldn’t know how to use the SoC Vpn anyway. But that is not the point. This sem was a disappointment, and I probably expected it already anyway.

EE2001 was a rather confusing module in a way that we were given freedom to choose our topics and make them into reality. I would say that throughout the module, my team was great in terms of implementation. We met major deadlines and our project did not malfunction during the presentation. We also saved the school lots of money by using the full budget allocated to us. Hence I was extremely disappointed to get a B+ for this module, which I had originally wished for it to be an A. I cannot describe how disappointed I am, and I think my team mate Feng Fu was also very disappointed as he came to ask me my grade for EE2001. We put in a lot of effort, even more than I would say 3/4s of the teams there, and we tried our best to debug and implement the entire thing.

EE3408, another B+, was rather expected. I feared getting worse results, so B+ is probably a sigh of relief. I couldn’t grasp the concepts of the design project, and I guess the way the module was carried out wasn’t entirely good. It isn’t easy to understand how to proceed on for the design project, and I couldn’t meet the specifications even when I tried my best. I guess CMOS design isn’t really my cup of tea.

ACC1002X, a B-, was expected. How can you score for a module when your project mates are such assholes? Lazy people that don’t meet deadlines and don’t produce quality work. And a freeloader who don’t do anything. Volunteers for formatting but the end result is such a disaster that you have to do the formatting yourself. You, the one that does most work, got arrowed to bind, print and submit the report. How can anyone score for this kind of shit work? Naturally, I will be converting this B- to an S.

EE2007, an A, was expected. I put in a lot of effort on both the mini project as well as the major project, spending countless hours at home and countless hours on wednesday and friday in school debugging the program and making it look good. At least the effort paid off. I also studied hard for the final paper and although I didn’t understand a question until after the exam (it only contributed 3% of the final marks), I felt that I could sacrifice it and still get a decent grade.

EG2401, an A-, was above expectations. I expected a B+ for such essay modules, but I guess hard work manage to pay off itself. How else do you justify doing all 4 papers and discussing them in depth with friends just to try to get as much points as possible? It being an essay question mean you need to write the essay within the time frame given. Your whole hand gets numb after a while because you wrote too much and there was never a need to write like that for engineering modules.

Lastly GEM2900. I was sick that day. I started leaking (or rather, my nose did) when I went into the hall. I finished my tissue and I had to go to the toilet to get toilet paper to sneeze into. I didn’t expect to do well. I was slow and sluggish and my head couldn’t think fast. I took 2 hrs to finish the paper when I probably needed 1 hour and slightly more. But all is well and I actually got an A+ for it. I guess I am very happy with it because I was expecting to S/U it.

Overall I asked myself, if given more time, could I have done better? I doubt so. I did not score lousily for my paper. The parts that brought me down were the project components. For EE2001 it was unexpected. It is also 6MCs so it is painful. I have no idea why I got a B+. I think I deserve at least an A- for my efforts and standard of work. For EE3408, the whole design project was confusing in the way it was carried out by the department. Could I have done better? I guess not. I couldn’t get the idea on how to design. It seems to be a very trial and error method to meet the specifications. I didn’t really learn much on practical designing from the project.

So whilst I am disappointed, I think I did my best. There was nothing else to fault. And I think many people would kill me for my grades anyway.

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