End of 2009

The year 2009 is coming to an end soon. In a short span of time, it’s already 30th December, and its just another day more before we usher in the new year, 2010. As usual, 2009 just seems like another year that has gone past. Nothing much has been done in the year 2009, but I guess as usual it is the experiences that you make that allows one to grow up.

With the end of 2009, I see myself in the 3rd year of university, and I am about to step into my Industrial Attachment soon. Some of my friends have gone for their exchange program; others are embarking on their exchange program in the subsequent semester. Some friends will go for Industrial Attachment; others will stay in school as normal university students taking 5 modules.

What has the year 2009 been in my life?

I scored my best grades in university, and missed my aim by 0.1.

I went for my 3rd Oweek, 2nd time as a councillor, and knew so many more people.

What else?

I find that other than all these, there’s nothing much I have done other than to just go through motion in school. It’s a little sad that there isn’t much things exciting to talk about. I didn’t do anything special. Maybe the start of ramen hunting in Singapore, going to Ramen Santouka at Central and Aoba at Ion. What else? Like nothing else already.

Haha. My life is so boring.

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