Selling Combs to Monks

If your company , Comb manufacturers assigned you to sell the
comb to the monks in the temples ? Can you do it ?

What is your answer ?
a) No Way , Impossible
b) Crazy
c) I will give it a try in order to follow my boss instruction .
d) Well , I will try .
e) Ya , I think I can sell ??? ( 5pcs ? 10pcs ? , 50pcs ? or more ,,you name it )

Pick an answer above and read below to find out if you are / you are going to be a successful person or not at all .

There was one company ” manufacturing combs “which intends to expand its business and so the management wanted to employ a new Sales Manager .

The company ADVERTISED the vacancy in the newspaper . They are so many peoples turned up for the interview everyday ….accumulated to almost a hundred peoples in just few days .

The Company now having the problem to choose the right candidate for this position . So , The Company interviewer had set A Difficult Task to whom who want to come for final interview .

The Task Is To : Selling Comb To Monks In Temples

Only 3 Applicants willing to stay on for this Final Interview challenge . ( Mr A , Mr B , Mr C ) .

The Chief Interviewer instructed : ” Now I want three of you here to sell these wooden combs to the monks in the temples . You only have 10 days to do it and report to me after that . ”

After 10 days , they reported .

The Chief Interviewer asked Mr A : How many have you sold ?
Mr A Answered : Only One .
The Chief Interviewer Asked : How did you manage to sell ?
Mr A Answered : The monks in the temples scolded me when I show them the comb . But on my way back to downhill I met a young monk who bought it to scratch his head due to dandruff . ” .

The Chief Interviewer then asked Mr B : How many did you sell ?
Mr B replied : 10 pieces . I went to a shrine and noticed many devotee’s hair was in bad shape due to strong wind outside the shrine . The monk in there listened to my advice and bought 10 combs for their devotees in showing respect to the Buddha statue .

Then , The Chief Interview asked Mr C : How about you ?
Mr C replied : 1,000 units .
The Chief Interviewer and the other 2 interviews were astounded .
The Chief Interview Asked : How you did that ?
Mr C replied : I went to a famous temple . After observing for few days I discovered that there were many tourists . I then told the Chief Abbot there ” Sifu , those who come here are much devoted . If you could give them a gift , it will be more elating to them . I told him that I have a bulk of combs here and ask him to raft his handwriting on the combs as a present to those visit here . He was very delighted and straight away ordered 1,000 pieces .


HARVARD UNIVERSITY had done a research that says :-

1) 85% of success is due to attitude and 15% is capability .
2) Attitude is more important than intelligence , specials skills and luck .

In another word , professional knowledge only constitutes for 15% of success of a person and 85% is due to self-cultivation , public relation and adaptability ability.

Still remember the story of Selling Shoes to African ? When 2 Salesmen were sent to that continent , One of them reported : Can not do it . No one wears shoes there? The second salesman said : It is good to market . A lot of opportunity.

Success and Failure is dependant on how we face problems.

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