Bleach no ressun

Finally the holiday period where there is no bleach to watch has ended. Although it is only a week, but I had been eagerly awaiting it, even though it’s a filler. Today’s (iya.. yesterday’s) episode paves the way for the ending of the filler, where the enemy, Kuchiki Koga (iya.. what a disgrace), or rather Koga (no surname) fights the 28th head of the Kuchiki family, which happens to be my favourite character in bleach.

After dragging for so long, it’s finally one good episode in my opinion. It has been a very long time since I saw my favourite character fight. Somehow he’s still as good as ever. Calm in the middle of the battle, with many kidou spells, fast shunpo and his zanpaktou, Senbonzakura.

Which make me think back, and I realized I wasn’t all that for the past month. It has been a rough month, with many emotions occuring here and there that resulted in me losing sight of myself. I had forgotten who I used to be. The meticulous, always planning person who has his immense pride that he doesn’t allow anyone to look down on. The way he could be arrogant is because he was well prepared and confident, and no one looked down on him. I had forgotten that desire for greatness. Rather, I had forgotten that I am great and capable and that I should never let anyone look down on me ever.

That fighting spirit; That pride; Following my own principles in life, never wavering, not letting anyone run my life. The person who always has an opinion that thinks he is the best. It may sound arrogant, but rather, it’s confidence in your own abilities. I had forgotten everything.

Bleach kind of reminded me of all these things that I hold close to me. Bleach told me to get back on track. Only by become stronger and more efficient and getting those grades in this coming semester can I be fit to become the person I once was. The person who thinks almost like Kuchiki Byakuya. The person who is the 28th head. The person who is captain. The person everyone else would respect and look out for.

Yosh. It’s time to begin the new semester with Industrial Attachment and 2 modules in NUS. It’s time to do well in project and get A for the other module. It’s time, people start realizing who you are, and fear you as an enemy and feel happy as a comrade. It’s time.

Ikuzo, senbonzakura

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