Sending Zong off

Today my NJ clique, or whatever is the rest of us, went to send Zong Yao off to San Francisco. His flight is SQ2 at 5.50pm. I say rest of us because previously last week, Dominic had already gone to New York. I didn’t send him because his flight was at 2am in the morning and I had a morning briefing to go. Hence I was drained out and didn’t feel like going.

I left Boon Lay at about 2.25pm. Took the train to Tanah Merah, realized it was Tanah Merah, but the stupid train (ok it wasn’t stupid) had closed it’s doors. I reached Si Mei, the stupid train left when I walked across the platform and I had to wait for another train. When it finally came, when the train reached Tanah Merah, the stupid train going to Changi Airport left. So on time! What a train that does not have any compassion. Ironically whenever I want to go home early, the train to Lakeside always waits for the middle train at Jurong East even when it just arrived and we could have left. And when I was on the middle train wanting to transfer back home, the stupid train towards lakeside always leaves before I reach. Talk about suay.

I was supposed to reach about 3.30pm, but I reached at about 3.50pm. The next train at Tanah Merah was a train “NOT FOR PASSENGER SERVICE”. The freaking train at Tanah Merah already had such an infrequent timing, they had to torment me with this type of trains.

But that is not the main point. I reached Changi Airport and met up with Jia Hao (who reached earliest) and Wai Kit (who is supposed to be on the train that I didn’t alight at Tanah Merah but I didn’t know where exactly he was, but he arrived second naturally) and we walked to the 3rd what do you call that. Line of booths. Aisle? Check in counter? Anyway Zong Yao was checking in. It was the first time I saw his girlfriend in person too!

We waited for Zong Yao to finish his luggage submission and take his boarding pass, and the group of us with his other friends (I suppose is Astro club + SoC friends) went down to the basement to sit at Kopitiam. We had some photos but we didn’t manage to talk much with Zong Yao.

Soon it was 4.50pm and we all walked him to the area where he is suppose to go through the customs. We just waved goodbye and he left very fast. We didn’t get to react and find him after he entered the enclosed glass area. Think he went to the boarding area immediately. Bon Voyage my friend. We’ll see you again in June?

After that Jiahao, Waikit and I went to Orchard Central at Sommerset to buy the bag I wanted to get to replace my old crumpler. It’s a cheap one, about $35 so I wouldn’t feel the pain if its spoilt. We went to Burger King and thought that the price was too expensive. Actually Jiahao was the one who pointed that out. We went to Cine’s BK and yes, it is actually about more than 50cents more at Orchard Central.

Then Nelson came, they left and Nelson and I walked to Ion Orchard to see Koko who is working as a fruit juice seller/juicer. Then it was time to go home.

This sums my day! A little boring I suppose.

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