The start of the new week of attachment

Tomorrow is the beginning of the second week of my attachment. Frankly, I do not know why it feels a little sian to return to work. It feels a little like during National Service when you just didn’t wish to go back to camp, and you prefer to stay at home. I guess home is still the best place to be.

I hope there’ll be exciting things to work on, or at least something to do. Something that really allows me to learn more and attract me to the place. Something that allows me to decide whether “Yes this is what I want to do when I graduate”, or “No this is not the thing I want to be doing after graduation”. At the moment, I can’t really decide because I’m not exactly doing anything. I don’t even actually know what I can write for the report that is due after week 6.

I hope the laptop comes tomorrow, at least I can go online and do research on the latest goings on in the defence industry, and find the information that my mentor wants me to find. If not, I’ll just be reading the old files and shredding them after they are done. It is a really boring job.

Tomorrow would also be the start of my HR2002 module. I would have to reach school by 6pm as the lesson is from 6pm – 9pm. Hopefully I won’t be late for the lesson.

This semester should be a tiring one with a project and a HR module on top of industrial attachment. I am looking forward to the day everything becomes fun, then it would be an enjoyable process. Till then, I guess I have to sms my friends to kill time.

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