He is back

Yap Heng is finally back from his exchange program to Canada. Ok, he was back like a week ago, but today is the first time I got to see him. We met because we wanted to celebrate Mazin’s birthday with her. They chose MOF because Shu Min has the MOF membership card with 10% off. Coupled with the UOB card (10% off originally), you get 15% off for combining the two promotions. Effectively negating the service charge and GST by quite a bit.

Though MOF wouldn’t be my first choice because I don’t think it is that fantastic. And the dinner did disappoint. I ordered the Nabeyaki Udon. The Udon in the Nabe style pot with a naruto (the fishcake thingie) and some “crab meat” (the stick one), with some seaweed. Oh and egg too. The dish comes with two ebi tempura too, but it did not come with the tempura sauce (groans. disappointment. You call yourself a MINISTRY?). Unless they trying to say a ministry isn’t efficient, else I don’t know why this happens.

And it costs $15.50. The ebi tempura was nice initially but it grew cold fast and I got sick of eating it. It became boring. The udon was a little harder than I would have expect. The crab meat came and it’s like soggy. Crab sticks are supposed to be together if it’s fresh. They only split into smaller threads when it is not very fresh. Am I right? Not sure. All in all it was just an alright meal. Not that filling either.

We proceeded to Benten Cafe at Iluma. They had the “big” tub (ok not the biggest but then..) of ice cream. I refrained from sharing because I didn’t feel well. Drank too much coffee I guess. 2 cups in a day at 2 different seatings. Plus I had no more cash to spend. It’s a birthday ya, so other than my own food there’s some misc expenses to be expected. And I kind of want to save for my graduation trip. Plus I don’t like fruits. The list goes on. But it was a fun time to be there. Rina, Shu Min, Yap Heng, Mazin and I.

It was great having Yap Heng back again. Becoming an entertainer, talking a lot of nonsense trying to make the mood lighter and getting people to laugh. It was a refreshing change from other outings. The other side of me I haven’t seen in a long long time. Yap Heng got me this “dirty” book with different sexual positions for different days. But it’s actually just a joke book I would say. It is quite interesting as a present. The positions inside look quite sick sometimes, like “can they really do this?” Haha.

Anyway at the end we presented the present that we bought for Mazin. There’s a hairband, necklaces, earings and bracelet. Which I joked as the si dian jin. So Mazin can be married off already. And she went to wear a ring on her right hand’s fourth finger, which is supposed to signify an engagement? So we had a fun time laughing and catching up. Talking about their SEP trips (Rina went France!), and about possible graduation trips and stuff. So happy they are back.

It’s my first time actually talking to Shu Min, and she is taking ACC1002X this semester. Gave her some advice when waiting for our trains to come, but we are going in totally different directions. And Yap Heng and her is taking Real Estate Finance as a gem. Yap Heng and Mazin is taking MNO. I can kope notes from them to learn more without needing to care about examinations. Business stuff are so interesting.

Well it’s late and in another few hours I have to wake up and go to school to meet the professor for my project. So its time to go off. 🙂 I had fun.

Rina came to question me on my relationships and I told her that it was over. She kept asking questions though. I try to answer as accurately as possible whilst keeping some things secret because they are not meant to be shared. But it’s nice to have friends that care. Today at work I also chatted with Cheng Ying on msn and I also talked about this topic. She kind of sensed something was wrong last month. Haha. I guess, I am coming to terms with it. 🙂


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