Mum’s Birthday to Jack’s Place

My family celebrated my mum’s birthday today in advance. It’s supposed to be on the 27th, a Wednesday, but we went out to eat at Jack’s Place. The last time I went on my birthday is to Jack’s Place at Safra and it disappointed me due to the lousy service and the lousy food.

But this time was a pleasant surprise. But it is not the Safra one though. It is the Jack’s Place at West Coast. The previous time I was there, there were many people and the staff was slower due to shortage of manpower. This time there isn’t that much people, and the staff are, in my opinion, more well trained.

The waiter was very polite and answered our questions nicely and took our orders properly. We ordered 3 warm water although we had 4 people, and the waitress brought 3 warm water and 1 cold water. Upon knowing that we don’t really want the cold water, she offered to change it to a warm water for us even when we don’t really need it. But we still took the cold water anyway. That was nice of her.

Then the steak came. It was soft and delicious. The “blood” (it isn’t really blood but some compound I think) tastes nice. Still reddish as I ordered medium. It was the best steak I ate in Jack’s Place (can’t say my life because I suddenly remember about Kobe Beef). In the middle of the dinner, the waiter came and asked “how’s everything so far”. It was really nice of him even though in Singapore we don’t really get this. It left a wonderful impression in my mind.

So I filled out the feedback form with everything ticked under excellent. I think it is good to give them compliments when they deserve it, just like we would be angry and complain about them when their service sucks. We need to encourage the wait staff when they did well.

The feedback form asked what they can do to serve us better, so we wrote that the water can come more often. Hopefully the manager sees the excellent and not the water, because although throughout the steak part of the dinner the water was only refilled once, after dinner it was refilled quite frequently. It was a great meal and an enjoyable time. All service staff should aim to have this kind of attitude!

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