My blog got hacked

This morning at about 6am Singapore time, my blog got hacked by a bunch of people claiming to be some indonesian hacking group. In the message that was posted, it (I doubt humans have so much time to do this kind of things) claims to hate Malaysians and Singaporeans. Anyway my other blog got hacked too. It was probably a security flaw in the wordpress version. I should probably update more frequently.

It wasted plenty of my time because I had no experience in doing this. Thankfully it was a minor hacking. They did not delete my databases and files, so the damage was minimal. However I still needed time to find the modified files and delete them. Then, I realized I needed to replace them. There were some files that I didn’t keep, so I had to remake them or find an alternative source. It was time consuming and I was really irritated.

I do not understand why anyone would be this childish. There is no need to waste time in defacing people’s blogs. This is online vandalism, and it is irritating the people who are innocent. Whoever you hate, you do things to them, not to innocent people just having their own personal space on the internet.

Thankfully I’m not some extremist, and hopefully they did not deface the site of any extremists, else soon we’ll hear of bombings in the embassy. Like how people in the North are bombing other people’s religious places because of a small issue.

At least all’s well. At least I hope it is. I hope there’s not some file I haven’t deleted. It is very irritating. Get a life man and stop doing childish things.

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