Dreams of flying

A few days ago, I wrote about “dreams for the future“. Today, my friend and I talked about this Japanese actress which we both thought was pretty. It reminded me of my dreams because she once acted in a drama about JAL (Japanese Airline) about this girl who wanted to be an air stewardess and she eventually manage to become one.

It reminded me of travelling to many different places, looking at the different scenery. Enjoying the nice food there. Looking at their pretty girls (opps). Just enjoying myself.

I didn’t go for SEP, didn’t go for NOC, because the costs were too high. Because I had no idea of what I wanted to do. I had no idea how I would survive there for so long. I wondered what would I have missed out in Singapore if I had gone. I was worried about how my modules would be slightly messed up due to the need to map modules over there. By thinking about this and that, I had decided not to go, and I would never know what lies in store for me had I gone. But I guess I would have had a different experience in my life had I went. The feeling of just living in another country for an extended period of time is perhaps a wonderful experience.

So, why should I wonder so much? If I am meant to set up my own business, I can always do so after the bond. I can do my own things after the bond. I am not tied forever. But if I lose this chance, I won’t get it forever. Working in another country may be great, but I can choose it if I am rejected. So I should just try my luck and go for it. After all, it is not really about a scholarship but about a job. It’s the job rotation every 2 years that scholars will get that feel so attractive. The chance to take part in many different departments, possibly even finance or marketing that thrills me. It will hone my non-engineering skills. It’s an opportunity and it is waiting for me to pursue it.

The benefits are good too. Flying to any destination that SIA flies to annually. That’s great. I can go to different places and enjoy myself. I can see the world. What’s bad about it. Not everyone has this chance. And this is my last year that I can apply already. After this, there’s no more chance.

So why should I hesitate? Why should I be worried about all those factors that can be solved easily? I should run my life now and follow my soul.

I should not fear being alone

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