The day

The day ended pretty fast. I woke up in the morning with not much sleep, and then went to school for a short meeting amongst the project group before going for the meeting with the prof. Our ideas were promptly shot down and we had only one solution left. It was pretty bad and there were wounds (ok I was exaggerating).

We ended up at McDonalds discussing the remaining idea and planning the task allocation. I was quiet because I felt tired and I had nothing major to contribute, so I kept quiet. That’s the thing I learnt on IA during the video authoring course. I only speak when I believed I had something to let them take note of. In the course, there seems to be indian chiefs around, telling other trainees this and that when they don’t really need to. Like cutting in words and speaking. It’s pretty irritating.

After the meeting, we concluded for lunch and went our separate ways. For me I just wandered around Kino at Bugis, then Kino at Takashimaya. Seriously you realise that how come Ayase Haruka is on many magazine covers. Maki has only one in the magazine called “Spring”. Aya had one in a wedding magazine, with her wearing a dress with a nice ring. Real pretty.

We looked at JLPT preparation “assessment” books. The writing and the listening one costs about $100 altogether. Getting a certificate is no cheap task. But it is recognized internationally, so I guess it’ll be worth it.

There’s also like tons of books on touring in Japan, and another ton of books on Tokyo. There’s seriously many different brands that you are spoilt for choice.

Then we went to HMV to check out Aya’s music cd. It costs $84 in HMV, which is quite expensive since they imported it over. I guess if you’re buying an album of someone who is mad famous in Singapore and in their home country, it’ll be super cheap. But if the artiste is only popular in the home country and not well known in Singapore, that is the premium you have to pay to get that. So I thought I’ll order it online as an early present to myself. It is still not cheap, but at least it saves me quite a bit of money. Plus it is the Japanese edition, not the one sold elsewhere around the world!

We finally settled on eating dinner at Shokudo, where you have many booths with different food. You take the RFID card to “pay” and then after dinner you take the RFID card to see how much you need to pay in total. You have to collect the food yourself, so I’m not very impressed with the 10% service charge which only has to do with the clearing of the tables, which wasn’t that efficient. But the Ham and Cheese omelette is good. The katsudon sucks though. It’s a really bad one. But overall it is a nice and enjoyable meal.

I came back feeling exhausted so I’m just here enjoying myself listening to J-Pop and K-Pop. I should focus more on J-Pop as I have a better chance of understanding them and improving my Japanese. 🙂

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