It seems like there have been more blogging done recently by friends around me, other than Jia Hao who has always been consistently blogging one post a day, or to correct that sentence, posting one post a day.

I never thought I’ll say this, but I’m at the stage I can’t be bothered about Facebook. There’s nothing much new happening other than checking what’s going on in other people’s life! I’m using Facebook like I’m using Twitter. But I spend more time on Twitter than on Facebook though.

But blogging isn’t dead yet. Amongst all the various methods we use to personify ourselves, sometimes we still want to write a whole chunk of text that is more than 140 characters, and we want people to read us instead of just browsing past us on Facebook. And perhaps blogging is a better way of showing who you are since you are going to write your thoughts out.

Recently I am quite happy because it seems that some people are living their lives happily, not giving up on their hopes, working hard even though life may give us lemons at time. When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. I was worried that my friend would not be happy, but since she is happy, I think I feel relieved too. There are some things in life you just did what you had to, but you don’t know if it will be for the best. But if the ending is happy, then I’m happy too.

Life just goes on whether we care about it or not. People are moving on day after day, and new people get into newer relationships. People seem to forget faster too. I don’t know if this should be a happy thing or not. For one, to be able to forget the past is like lifting a burden off your shoulders. But then again, does it mean that the value people place on r/s are so tiny that it is easy to forget?

Guess I’ll be better off not thinking about such things. Things are not how they used to be anymore.

But I wonder how do people meet other people and then get together? Do they get together because they have some common interest that binds them together? Like some shared passion?

When you go to work, how do you meet other people? Especially when workplace r/s are so messy you don’t even want to think about it. Do you just go out and then when you see a cute girl you go up and ask for her number? That sounds totally weird seriously.

And what if the girl is older than you? Will you mind? Actually, why should we mind? Come to think of it, it’s just some old mentality that the girl must be younger than the guy isn’t it? Sounds like that to me.

Haha don’t know why these questions come. But they did, so I’m asking for opinions.

6 thoughts on “Blogging

  1. I like the sentence ‘When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.’ ! Since you’re asking for opinions, I shall give you some.

    In fact, I was thinking about this issue some weeks ago too, that people tend to get in and out of relationships so much easier nowadays. Quite a painful phenomenon that is.

    And there’re so many conventional mentalities! Like the girl must be shorter too.. Actually I used to think that is important. But now I think they aren’t.

  2. Haha hi again. I probably won’t ever know who you are I guess.

    Guess we live in a world of instant gratification. If it’s not here fast enough, we don’t want it. As such we move on pretty fast. Hard to find someone who still hold on to the old way of thinking like me. Or maybe I just can’t find someone who make me feel that way anymore.

    Yeah there’s so many conventions. Think they shouldn’t be relevant anymore in today’s society. It’s more of who we are isn’t it.

  3. haha, maybe you’ll feel a bit strange if you know who am I. Because you see me around too often. Next time I see you in school I tell you ok? Lol..

    Maybe it’s just the people you meet, or you don’t talk about such issues with people around you. It’s only in blogs where people tend to express such thoughts. Anyway, I’m not like that. I was moving on at a rate that was terribly too slow. Maybe it sounds like it’s good but maybe it’s just extra torture that people won’t really care.

    I feel as if I’m typing a blog post on your blog already. haha. Happy CNY by the way.

  4. Haha. Happy cny.

    I was kind of guessing who you are, so I might have guessed correctly, but I would not know. Haha.

    I guess when friends get together, we tend to just joke and make humour. There’s not much time left to talk serious stuff about what you think and feel. Normally those are best spoken to the other half, not to normal friends. That’s me, so I write what I think here.

    I guess some people do care to listen to what you have to say. It’s just that the friendship culture doesn’t allow it to be said easily. Plus some of my views might not be taken well with others, so there is always a need to think before I say, and sometimes I just prefer not to say anything. Haha.

  5. sorry.. due to the moving of the blog, some settings are incorrect. the links of friend’s blogs below are gone too. it’s pretty irritating to move host.

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