Shifting house for the blog

On Wednesday, I received a huge shock when my host suspended my account. I paid money for it and emailed them for confirmation but they never did reply. I then had to call them and sms them, and after some time, they said they are not in the business anymore. What the hell right?

I’m pissed. But he will unsuspend my account and refund my money back. Apparently he sent an email to all his clients in November. How come I didn’t receive it? But thankfully, he is allowing me a few months to sort out the shifting. I would probably need to figure out a lot of stuff so I can shift all 3 of my websites over to a new host.

I’ve found a new host. SGD2.50 per month. Pretty cheap I guess, with 10GB of space. I can put like damn a lot of stuff and not fill it out. I can’t even fill 1GB!

I guess I’m just going to let it go. Thankfully I’m refunded. I should check if I got refunded. Haha. What a bad period of time.

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