Akismet has protected your site from 9,900 spam comments already, but there’s nothing in your spam queue at the moment.

Says Akismet who has been catching spam comments for me since the blog started. Thought it was a nice number. There’s two 9s inside, representing 长长久久. Nice for the new year huh?

It’s the New Year’s Eve today for Chinese people. I don’t feel any excitement for the day. Maybe I’m not that Chinese inside. Haha. To me it’s just a good 4 days break from the monotony of work. And time to do my own things. Don’t have much relatives to visit anyway.

The year 2010 till now has been a rough ride. From trying to get over a failed (possible) relationship to distracting myself successfully and outgrowing myself again and realizing what I want more than ever, from being a student to an intern, bored in office but enjoyable on site, from having no direction to having an aim that I don’t know if I can hit but I am going to try my best and hope I can get it. And other stuff. And oh the attraction of working overseas in a place like Japan. It sounds so good.

Life’s a really great journey actually. Even for singles who don’t have valentines to celebrate with tomorrow. Haha. My wish for valentines day is not to have any valentines for next year unless that person is also interested in working overseas. It’s a nice dream to work for. 🙂


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