Watashi no yume

Watashi no yume wa nan desu ka?

Actually there are quite a few. Dreams about career, dreams about going overseas for work, dreams of travelling, dreams of life, dreams of the future, etc. But that is not what I want to talk about today. Rather, it is dreams of a family.

I was celebrating Chinese New Year today at my grandma’s house, and you just realize that you’re just old when you start thinking back to the times when you were younger. Plus all the other cousins are mostly younger since I’m the second eldest cousin in the family. The youngest cousin is only 7 this year, and I’m going to be 24. A big age gap of 17 years! I was in JC1 when she was born. And another cousin is JC1 this year. Last time, they are just so small. Now, they are in my shoes a long time ago, and I have since progressed on to university, about to graduate.

My eldest cousin is going to be 26 this year, and has already been working outside for a few years since graduation. Come to think of it, it is not surprising if in a few years time, my youngest cousin will become an aunty. We’re all in that age already anyway. If going by the national average, guys will get married at about 28-29, hence it’s just like 4-5 more years to go for me. It’s frighteningly near. Makes you just think, “hey, i’m a young adult already”, whilst most of the cousins are still in their teenage years.

So a thought struck me, and it was something heart warming to me. The idea that one day I’ll bring my wife over for Chinese New Year, and we’ll all sit down and talk about the old days, it just seemed rightly appropriate. And in my mind, the scenario of a car came into existence. Imagine yourself in your early thirties, driving a car, whether it is small or not, it doesn’t matter. You’re driving and on your left is your pretty wife and she’s carrying the little baby that belongs to the both of you.

I know babies should be in the baby seat or something, but hey it’s my imagination and it doesn’t need to follow laws.

Then you just drive on to your relatives for Chinese New Year, you bring your little baby to meet everyone. Everyone smiles and plays with your child. He or she becomes the centre of attraction. Your wife sits beside you, holding on to your arm, smiling.

A picture of marital bliss. Who wouldn’t want that? I think it is kind of sweet to have that in your life. Even though a child may be tiring to take care of, but it’s just so amazing to have one in the future. To have a loving and happy family that you build yourself.

I think, that is one of the greatest feeling in the world. And it is something worth working hard for, something that is truly worth it. That’s what I think. 🙂

P.S. My blog moved host. I’m on a new host now. 🙂

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