Valentines Day (Movie)

I’ve watched the movie called “Valentine’s Day” yesterday, a day after the real Valentine’s Day. The movie theatre was packed, which I presume was due to the nature that it is the second day of new year, and those who have finished their visiting due to smaller family size would have some spare time to go watch a movie, since there is nothing much to do when most shops are not open. Wow. What a long statement.

“Valentine’s Day” is quite “Love Actually” in the sense that it is many different love stories happening at the same time. I forgot if “Love Actually” has any link between the various couples, but in “Valentine’s Day”, all the couples are linked one way or another. Plus “Valentine’s Day” seemed to have more of a darker feel compared to “Love Actually”. Why do I say that? Allow me to comment, but there would be spoilers.

Spoiler’s Alert

There are several characters in the show that have quite sad elements in them. Let me quote them one by one. Ashton Kutcher’s character proposed to Jessica Alba’s character, and she said yes. Being a newly engaged man, he is naturally excited and goes about telling everyone that she said yes. Most of the people didn’t believe it at first, because they thought she would never have agreed. When he went back during mid day to place a surprise in their room, he found her with all her luggages packed and an empty wardrobe. She just couldn’t marry him. I felt that it is a little sad because she shouldn’t have agreed if she wasn’t ready. And what’s more, to break up on Valentine’s Day, after a proposal. You can just feel how disappointed he would have been, from an all high climax to a all new low.

The second set of characters involve Patrick Dempsey and Jennifer Garner’s characters. Patrick’s character is a married man, having a mistress, who is the character of Jennifer’s. When he goes to Ashton’s florist shop to send flowers to both his wife and his mistress, Ashton realized that his friend Jennifer is the mistress, and struggled with himself to tell her. I hate infidelity. I don’t know how to express my plain disgust for such type of acts.

The third set of characters involved older actors. Hector Elizondo and Shirley MacLaine. They are a set of husband and wife, and on Valentine’s Day, Emma Robert’s character, who is the babysitter of their grandson, spoke to them about how she was going to have sex with her boyfriend for the first time. Emma said “Who only sleeps with one person in their life?”, to which Hector said that they did that, even though they had to endure long periods of time apart from each other. Shirley cried and went to the living room, and Hector followed. Guess what. Shirley confessed about an affair from some time ago. Gosh I could just feel the sense of disappointment that Hector has. And he said “The truth makes everything else seemed like a lie”. Can you understand how troubled he would have felt, and on Valentine’s Day itself? Knowing about your wife’s infidelity? I hated it. I didn’t understand why they got back together. Just because it was on Valentine’s Day? What does it mean by “You have to love a whole person, not just the good parts, but the bad parts as well”? What bad parts? In my opinion, infidelity is a rotten part. It’s an act of betrayal that is very hard to forgive.

I can understand if people had sex with other people before they got married, but I would expect that after marriage, it is of paramount importance to be faithful because you love that person. It is not about how having sex makes you feel happy, so you go around finding other people; it is about the love and the bond between two people that makes it special isn’t it?

Spoilers End

Well, those are the darker kinds of thing they bring out in the show, but in the end it was about love all right, and finding them. And being happy. I guess it is an alright movie, but some parts were just slow to me. But maybe romantic stories are like that and guys will always find it slow. But I enjoyed it though. πŸ™‚

Happy Valentines to those who celebrated on the 14th. We should all celebrate White Day as well. πŸ™‚

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