Busy Weekend

It’s a very busy weekend for me. I had less “personal” time for myself, even though it was a great busy weekend. It was worth being busy for, but I would have liked a little more rest. But there was no room to postpone because yesterday it was a gathering, and today, well, there are reasons to be explained.

I met Joanne today in the afternoon. I wanted to have dinner with her before she flew to Taiwan last year, but she flew before I had the time to, so I asked her to go out for a meal when she came back. I was too busy with work and it dragged on. She’s flying back to Taiwan on Wednesday, so I had to meet her today, else I wouldn’t see her for another semester’s worth of time.

We went to “TGIF – Thank Goodness Its Friday”. Or is it Thank GOD? Not sure. It’s at Heeren, the “ghost town” now that 313 and OC popped into the picture. Frankly speaking I don’t think the food is that good. I tried the Jack Daniel’s steak, and I was hesitant at first because of the price. $39.90 before any service charge or taxes. But the photo looks amazing and I ordered it.

But in reality it was just a normal piece of beef. Nothing fantastic. A little too dry and hard for my liking even at medium. Nothing like the photo. It was disappointing. Just adding some more money would have allowed me to eat Kobe beef if I was in Japan. And boy is that beef fantastic.

Other than the food review, the main point was to catch up like old friends since I haven’t seen her since 22/2/2009 on her birthday, I think. iirc. Which means today is the 355th day I haven’t seen her. Ah well. Anyway I met her and it was a nice time talking. Taiwan university is really different? They have classes from 8am to 7pm and their timetable is like scheduled like how our secondary schools are. And they have PE!

And ya you pay 20 bucks in Taiwan for unlimited data plan. We pay 10 dollars more on top of our normal plans to get 12GB worth of data? And you do not incur extra charges when you are overseas, so she was happily “online” in Singapore. So Singapore has a long way to go!

After lunch I went home and then to my aunty’s house for yu sheng and dinner with my relatives. My cousin brought her boyfriend along. It was the first time I saw him and he’s really nice. Kind of like a role model since nobody brought their other halves over for me to gain any experience by looking at them. Haha.

So its a busy day but it is quite important to attend these gatherings. I just wish I had more time to do other things. 🙂

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