End of Week 7, Beginning of Week 8

Last Friday was the end of the Week 7 of my Industrial attachment which is going to last me 24 weeks. I guess I am reaching the 1/3 mark of my attachment soon. 🙂

Life on attachment makes you feel lazy I think. It’s like you feel you are working, and some days you just go home feeling drained out because you had a long day. When you do, you just feel like unwinding by watching videos or doing things you like to do. That does not help when you have to do project research for school.

But attachment isn’t really working because you don’t get to do the actual work you do when you’re an employee. You don’t experience the full spectrum of events. At least that is what it is for me, which is why I am a little bored when I realize that I’m back in office tomorrow, and usually there’s huge gaps of time in between the work given to me, so much so that I have to spend the time away.

Thankfully I leave early tomorrow due to my lesson back at NUS at 6pm. So I probably leave at 4.30pm. But the rest of the days would be till 6pm. I hope there’s plenty of paper work to do. Else I’ll probably try to do my project research in school.

The last time I had a full week in office was in my second week. I really hope that I can go and attend the course the other intern is attending. It starts on 4th, so if I am allowed to go, then I would be able to spend some time learning new stuff. It’ll be more exciting.

Anyway recently the weather has been unbearable. It is too warm and humid in my opinion. I sweat all the time. When I get back to office tomorrow, its going to be cold all the time because the air con is free there. Haha. I guess I would prefer cold since I got my jacket.

And I’m still surviving for my projects, just feeling quite unmotivated. Good luck to those taking mid terms! 🙂

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