JDrama: Gokusen 3


Once again, Nakama Yukie comes back as everybody’s favourite character, Yamaguchi Kumiko (Yankumi) in Gokusen 3! I had actually watched Gokusen 3 first, after I learnt that there was no continuation in the stories, although later I found out that there were a few characters that were from previous seasons. But there is nothing to worry because it can be watched as a standalone season. I watched this season first because Gokusen The Movie was coming, and I’m glad I did because after I had finished season 3, I went on my Sydney Trip and I watched Gokusen The Movie on the plane!

Gokusen 3 takes place in a new school called Akadou. Once again, Yankumi had to take care of the delinquent class (Class 3D, again!), and teach them about loyalty and friendship. About respect for elders and about fighting and violence. You know it already.

I had nothing to compare when I watched Gokusen 3 first. But after watching Gokusen 1 and a little of Gokusen 2, I feel that Gokusen 3 is relatively boring. There were more fight scenes and it always ends with Yankumi coming and defeating everyone. For Gokusen 1, there are more parts dealing with non fighting things. There are times when it doesn’t end with fighting and rescuing.

But I guess it is always good to watch Gokusen 3 first if you’re thinking of watching Gokusen The Movie. The main character came from Gokusen 3, and it is a story about the same school but the class has graduated and Yankumi is teaching a new class 3D. Hence it is relevant to watch Gokusen 3 to get an understanding of the story.

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