What happened to us?

I was having this conversation with my friends yesterday during dinner. Most of us are on attachment to various different companies, only one of us is in school. It seemed like no matter which place you went to work at, you just have this common thing amongst the working people, that is, when you return home, you just don’t feel like working at all. All you want is to slack and not do anymore work. Which explains why when I reach home I wish there was someone special. Then you can cook for each other, do some common activities. Watch our favourite shows. Just kidding. Slacking is super unproductive, I would say.

Whatever happened to wanting to improve and become above the rest? Whilst the rest are slacking and watching TV, you just read more books, read more annual reports, do analysis on the stock market, or simply do something that improves you? For example, learning a new language, or learning selling skills (sales), or learning about management, marketing and the rest? Or doing a second business during the night? Whatever happened to all those? I, and everyone in the discussion, seemed to have fallen into the working trap. The trap where you think you just had a long day and you deserved a break.

Yes you probably deserved it. You worked so hard for it. Oh really? Or are we just giving ourselves an excuse to slack and watch some drama? Or are we just plain addicted to watching shows on TV or on the computer, or going on Facebook and playing some lame game that involves some farming (Hey I did it for a long time last year)?

Are you just contented to remain plain average? Have you read the news recently? We’re having this new scheme where we have partner universities offering degrees, so polytechnic students can now upgrade their diploma to a degree. It makes it easier to have a degree now. And the new Singapore University that’s going to be built in the east? We’ll be swarmed with degree holders.

In our parent’s era, degree holders are like woah. They are rare, and when your family has a degree holder, the rest of the extended family will be so amazed and think your son is like some smart person. A rare gem. Now? The situation is totally different. You start to feel that almost everyone is a university graduate. Naturally it might be a little far fetched to suggest that statement is true in Singapore, but you get what I mean. There’s just so much more of us that it is now NORMAL to have a university degree.

When your parents and teachers tell you that you must study hard, go into a good university, get a degree and you’ll be set for life, they are lying. In reality, getting a degree is like the pre requisite to everything else. Now, to set yourself apart, you get a degree, and then get a second degree. Or a Masters, like I am planning to get. You have to set yourself apart from the rest, else how do you climb high and enjoy your life?

I don’t want to be a worker drone where I just keep working and working. I want a career that I am passionate about. A career that grooms me. A career that I can work and climb as long as I keep improving myself. I want so much in life! I want a nice car, a nice house, a beautiful wife (hey the girl I marry, she’ll be beautiful, no matter how what other people think. So this ain’t a shallow comment), two nice kids (what’s up with “NICE”), a yacht where you can go swimming and fishing, and retire to a life full of holidays and exploring other countries.

So how can I reach home and not do proper work? Like my friend said, in the past, when she had CCA, and more modules to catch up on, as well as tuition and other external lessons, she still had the energy to do her things when she reach home. We’ve all fallen to this new low of not working. Our energy being depleted as we reach home. What happened to us?

Our determination and engine have rusted. We’re just not hungry enough to push ourselves. We just need to get our engines resumed and moving. And once we make working a habit, the chains will be too hard to break. 🙂

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