ほんとに 忙しいです。

This period of time is overwhelming. It’s a really sick period of time that made me wonder, who the hell thought of combining Industrial Attachment with two other modules? I wonder if EE3001 has been handled well by the department of electrical and computer engineering. In a way I seem to meet the prof once every two weeks, and everytime he sees us he says good. And it lasts about 20 minutes max? There was once we were out in about 5. I wonder what kind of guidance the prof gave us. Or are we that good? I highly doubt so.

With Mazin’s group only getting approval recently, as compared to us getting it quite some weeks ago, I wonder how she is going to survive. Even I feel tired. Just yesterday we presented the technical details to the professor. We got quotes and prices and we were about to tell him the price of each item, but he just simply asked us the final price of each mat. Swee la professor. Really like that cause the details doesn’t matter. But it just cut shorts the meeting timing. Was wondering if he could have given us something to think about.

Since our final report is due in a few weeks time, we have split into the three departments, technical department, finance department as well as the marketing department, of which its Marketing Manager is yours truly. Would have really loved to call myself Marketing Director but hey my boss is a Project Manager, so I can’t up myself. He should have called himself CEO or something. As Marketing Manager (self professed, just for fun), I have Ko Ko as my marketing executive. I’m sorry for making her my subordinate, though it is a just for fun thing. At least I gave it a cool sounding name. Executive! Wow. I asked for my pay, its about 4,500? Think I can get a phantom car soon. Asked for fake car allowances and perks, the finance manager says she’ll think about it. Well, it’s good we’re having fun to regain our sanity.

As Marketing Manager, or rather, just in the marketing department, my role is to set up the report on all things marketing. That’s the report role actually. The real purpose of the marketing department is to brainstorm and think of how we’re going to market and position our product to the world. That’s right, to the world. We supposedly belonged to “Activision Blizzard”, yes, we “make” those Warcraft, Diablo and Starcraft games. Supposedly.

Marketing’s an awfully exciting new journey for me. I would have loved to have time for myself to read more marketing books and how major firms do their marketing. But time is not on my side. I’m going to leverage on the books I have read in the past, ideas I have gotten from reading those blogs, and my experience in Internet Marketing to push this thing through. Oh ya. As well as MKT1001’s experience.

But it’s making my life busy. Just yesterday I finished my work at midnight because I needed to rest, not because I finished the entire thing. Already got quite a lot of stuff out, but I need to start asking for quotes and finding venues and event managing companies. Money money money. Need to present a report to the other departments on Saturday and submit the costs preferably by Saturday as well so that the finance department need not do last minute work trying to incorporate all the costs in. Busy! The life of a marketing manager. LOL.

But it is really fun. Sometimes its a little weird how you feel happy when you are busy and you have deadlines to hit. Sounds crazy I know. Some people probably roll their eyes. I think I got this problem ever since I entered the army. During that day in GCC where we were happy to get tekaned by the 5 min PT kit and then 5 min FBO and loop until CSM is tired. We all laughed and had fun. Maybe this is how we deal with it.

Anyway I just submitted my SIA Open Scholarship Application. I am going to pray that I get an interview. Meanwhile the quest is not over. Time to prepare for interview before they call me up.

And there’s HR2002. Need to do research on CSI. Haiz. How much work can one person take? I’m sorry if I cannot appreciate other people whining to me about how their semester is because you have seen nothing until you take IA and two modules which require projects. But I’m not saying whining is not good. I’m doing it anyway what. 😀

So there. Back to more research!

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