Today at work

Today was a good day at work. In the morning when I left for work, I met Jing Han at the bus stop. She was heading out for work at MFA, and today she is out half an hour earlier because she had to reach half an hour earlier due to some event. On such a rare occasion, I actually got to meet her. The bus stop right outside my house! We spoke about my work, about her work, about graduation, internships. And she says she is old. We’re like the same age!!!

But it was a very nice conversation and it lasted all the way till I alighted at queenstown cause she’s going to redhill. I guess we’re working quite near too.

The day started off pleasant, and work proceeded well too. I had things to do for the entire duration. I was never bored waiting for things to come to me. I didn’t have time to brainstorm about what to write for my marketing proposal. It was a great day because I hated having nothing to do.

Lunch was also great because I didn’t eat alone. I ate with my colleagues, so I wasn’t bored the entire day.

Anyway at home I had to resume my work on marketing. I am slightly burnt out and tired, so I ended up watching some drama. I haven’t watched drama since Saturday! It is always typing and typing and trying to come up with more things and asking for price quotes and stuff. I can’t wait for the sem to be over. Like seriously.

I’ll resume typing and typing on Thursday. I wonder when this will all end. 😦

Nothing to blog. My life’s pretty boring.

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