First mobile post

I’m waiting in the bus interchange cause I came out too early today. Lol. Later take the bus 96 to nus for another project, hr2002, which I haven’t been putting effort on.

Recently am busy with ee3001 which is my technical project. I have been doing the marketing part with koko. Just yesterday we got stunned by the prof during consultation. He totally did not understand what our project was abt. He kept giving us this look of disbelief like we are some idiots who don’t know how to guage if our business proposal is gg to work. He told us to keep it within the room, and that we are going to die if we had continued. Guess what, after some explanation, he got it and kept saying it’s ok. He even tried to save his face later on. Come on, this is a great team you know. Wee howe is amazing with his knowledge, yanling’s very organized, and I have my great team with me.

Luckily itwas still approved, but we still had to do a lot of work now. We have to get our parts ready soon. Saturday we are going to have to vet through each other’s part and ask questions. Then the remaining week is for us to correct all mistakes and submit the final paper.

And hr2002’s project is due soon and I only just started working. Thank goodness for great people in my team especially Nelson and Taiman who understands that I am very busy with ee3001 in the past week. Haha. So I think they gave me a lighter workload for hr2002.

Shall go off now. Hope life is great for all of you today. I’m feeling great now cause I just put down a huge stone. All the unhappiness has been put down already. Thanks.

4 thoughts on “First mobile post

  1. Hi again,

    well, sometimes its about keeping optimistic. Haha. Everyone has their own strengths and weakness, but as long as they do their part, then it is alright. Sometimes we get those members that can’t be bothered. Those are a pain in the ass. 🙂

    It’s a little weird, but I am really curious as to who you are. Haha. Mind telling me?

  2. yup keeping optimistic would help, maybe.. sometimes it’s not that some people don’t want to do work, but having a team of 8 people is more than doing work. Sometimes its about managing people and putting the different talents to good use.

    haha, I thought you have figured, some time ago..

  3. haha. well in a short period of a sem, doing project with people you barely know initially, there’s not much management we can do since we don’t know their talents. It’s more about everyone having the right initiative and then doing things.

    I think I would like to see a better working structure. With an overall leader overseeing the entire process. But since its a school project, everyone are equal and sometimes there’s a lack of direction. lol

    Can’t figure out who you are leh. Just say? haha

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