iPhone photo fun

I was playing with the iPhone today and trying to find apps that allow one to view video streaming for dramas. However I came to a blog that shows some really nice apps that edit photos. Since I tried them, I thought I should just blog about it via the wordpress for iPhone app!

The first app I downloaded was Free Photo Filters. This app takes the photos you have in the phone and converts them into different modes like lomography, polarising, black and white as well as retro effect.

The first photo I had was this:


After applying the black and white filter:


Then I used an app called Puri! Lite which is used to attach those 可愛い photo sticker booth stuff like heart shapes, text balloons and other stuff.

Hence it is like this:


The final app I used was the Polarize app. Its a very simple application that converts your photos into a Polaroid photo and you can add text to the bottom part. Sadly it only seems to support English. I couldn’t type Japanese characters inside. Haha.

So this is my final photo after using 3 apps, which are all free. Haha.


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