The summary of the busy few weeks

It has been a busy few weeks, with many events happening in my life. I finally had the chance to sleep for more than 6 hours in a few weeks, so this gives you a rough gauge of how zombie-fied I probably look right now. I’m just glad that everything is going to an end soon, and my semester will be over on 22nd April. Then I’ll just have to concentrate on my Industrial Attachment, and I would be able to do the things that I want to do.

School is taking up all of my weekends and evenings. For about a whole month, I have been going home to work on the Marketing aspect of the project, and I have to source for the prices of pursuing certain marketing strategies. It is very difficult to get a rough gauge of prices from the marketing firms because their prices are “commercially sensitive”, as they call it. The internet does not show much prices either, so it has been quite tough.

Marketing also means I have to write a lot of text, covering things like product, price, placement, promotions etc. And about marketing segmentation blablabla. I have to think of how everything flows, and write more text.

HR2002 is also tough. Actually I spent far less time on HR2002 than EE3001, and we split the work amongst the team members for HR2002. Hence I only did one small component. Editing was the issue though. Everyone sat around, discussed each paragraph and try to edit the sentence structure. Or choose to remove or modify existing paragraphs. Not something to my liking.

I don’t like to follow such methods actually. I prefer that everyone came with whatever they have already done, and then discuss. I prefer doing the editing at home and then passing around for everyone to edit until the final part where we come and agree upon the edits.

I hated it when one of the group members has really bad english. So much so that you don’t really get what exactly the main point is, and then she adds in new input on the day of the edit? It’s irritating cause her input is good, and it means you have to find a way to add in. Imagine the rest of us thinking how to phrase the points to add it in. It’s like helping her do her job, because the rest of us already added our points in nicely.

Eventually, I left Taiman to find a way to add in those points, whilst Nelson and I just continued the editing for the rest of the parts. After it was done, I went to make the slides for the presentation. Everyone of us didn’t want to come back on Sunday again to work on this.

I sure hope I’ll get a decent grade for HR2002, considering that not much effort was placed into it. I can just rely on myself for the remaining 50% due for the exam.

Car Accident
I got into an accident along AYE on April Fool’s day. I didn’t brake on time and my car kissed the car in front of me. I spent countless nights not sleeping peacefully cause it bothered me that it wasn’t settled yet. There was this fear of getting conned when the person goes to repair his car. And there is this fear the price is going to be high. And this is my first time.

Frankly it was quite shocking. You don’t have time to react and you just sit there stunned. Cause you caused trouble to someone else. It’s not like accidentally kissing the pillar at the car park. This time there’s someone else involved. Anyone would be unsettled.

Luckily it was settled yesterday when the person went to the workshop. It cost me 80 dollars. Luckily it wasn’t a huge sum of money, else I probably would not have much money left to go for my grad trip.

I felt so alone the entire time, I thought how wonderful if there was someone who cared. Ah well.

4 thoughts on “The summary of the busy few weeks

  1. Omg, you were speeding? so unlike you. Luckily it’s 80bucks but still.. -_- glad that no one is hurt. I guess usually the vehicle which got hit in the back will be the victim?

  2. No I wasn’t speeding. I braked like just 1s too late. So it wasn’t a real crash. Probably just a bump. Yeah he’s the victim. I’m the one that’s not careful. Haha

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