Tired night

Gosh. I had been in school in the evening till night. Thankfully a friend drove me home, else I might have missed the last train if I had to take one. Or a taxi and spend more money.

Theres another meeting tml. To tie up the loose ends and look at finance depts work. Today was hectic for finance dept because they realized that they needed to account for many additional things. As a result, they need to redraft all the financial tables. So they are having a tough time.

As for marketing, which is my dept, our part is more or less done. The group, less finance dept, vet through the marketing parts and removed several parts that were not needed. Haha. I have to leave the rest to Koko as I cant do any project work during normal working hours. So she has to tweak everything and do it at an efficient and acceptable way.

Today koko surprised me. I had originally asked her to help me purchase a book on the presentation secrets of Steve Jobs. But considering how difficult it is, I said Ill get it myself. But she got it anyway cause I needed it to prepare for my presentation on the 19th. Ill be giving my best presentation so far in my life. And itll only go uphill from here. Ill make so many great presentations that Ill be a great person to have on any team. And its all part of the dream of te future.

Im really tired as it has been a long day at work and I have to go to school for more project meetings and work. Its really very time consuming and energy zapping. Got to go and sleep now before I doze off.

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