The Semester is Ending

Just a little bit more. Chotto.

And the sem would be over. In about 2 weeks to be precise. One week to reading week, and my presentation and examination for HR2002 is also on reading week. I have to start studying for my HR2002 and making sure I understand my concepts. No time to lose.

Just last Friday my team submitted the 248 page report. We worked and slogged hard for it to be what it was. I remember sleeping at 3am cause I was waiting to see the final product. End up, I slept and let them continue cause it seems ok. In a way it was pretty frustrating because I woke up and there were problems.

It seems that I had forgotten to upload the cover page I made. Ko Ko made another one, but its not as impressive since its not the photoshop version where you can scale it nicely.

And when I reach the office I find that the things I had asked my group mates to edit weren’t edited. I thought it was too late since the cd has been burnt. Plus my surname was spelt wrongly, without a G. So pissed. Luckily they re-edited it and burnt it again.

But it was not to be. On saturday we still discovered errors. The analysis they stayed past 3 to rewrite was not there. The old analysis was there. So we’re praying that it would be noticed. After all, its a 248 page report and nobody would read the whole thing, right?

Anyway what’s done is done. No point raising fingers. Everyone was too tired anyway. And there was miscommunication. Next time we should maintain a to do list. But there’s no next time anyway.

So today is the time to work on my presentation slides, modelled from Steve Job’s presentation. Simple, uncluttered and I have a main point that hits the mark at every major slide. Just got a few more stuff to polish up, and it’s time to start the rehearsals.

Hopefully it’ll be polished and slick. An entirely new presentation experience that wows. First time trying it off. Good luck to me trying to pull it off. But once I can do that, it will change the way I do presentations in the future.

Good luck to my group, I guess. Semester’s ending. The final dash. Anyone with me?

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