Something that defines you

Do you have a moment that defines you? A moment when people will look back and think about it, and say, that was his wow moment? Something amazing that happened that left people feeling that you’re great in that particular thing that you did? Something that people is going to give you recognition for?

Well. I think I just had that wow moment this afternoon, during the rehearsal of my presentation with the professor who’s the supervising tutor for my project. Although the better wow part would be for Monday’s presentation, when the professor said he enjoyed my presentation, I felt a sense of pride and satisfaction. He did not give me any comments to improve, but did give my other team mates things to improve on.

To be fair, I practised for the past 5 days, and they didn’t had the time to. Hence, things like them looking at the screen was due to their lack of rehearsals than their presentation skills. But for the record, it made me happy that I got recognized by the professor, not that I was better or what. Cause it does not mean I’m a better speaker or anything.

I had great help from Steve Jobs. This guy is amazing. I saw the book, “The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs” for a long long time already, and for this presentation, I got Ko Ko to buy it on my behalf, so I had time to read and digest. This guy is the master of presentations, and it is not hard to see why. Instead of boring presentations with lots of words, his slides are simple. Nothing fanciful. Yet you understand the main point of each slide. You follow his presentation and you are captivated by his charm.

Yes. He put up a great show. And that is what a presentation is all about. A great show. To me, my presentation is like my own orchestra. I became my own Chiaki senpai when I conducted my own orchestra for this presentation. A click of a button and the words appear, the magical things to say and many other things. The visual effects, the one main point for the slide that makes it clear what my point is. The uncluttered environment so people do not read the slides and not be able to catch on what I am saying.

Yes. I performed an orchestra to my liking. It was the best moment of my presentation life, and I hope I can be better for Monday’s presentation. Yes, its amazing and I am awesome. Ko Ko said she was touched by my presentation. The highest honour, I guess, for any presenter. To have people understanding what you are saying, and enjoying the entire process, I guess, it is the best gift a presenter can get.

And so what are the magical points I followed Steve Jobs?

  1. I let my audience see my work flow. Before I began, I listed out the 3 main things I was going to talk about.
  2. I kept things to a maximum of 3. There’s 3 main things I talk about. Within competitors, there are 3 competitors. Within consumers, there are 3 people representing the target market. Within course of action, there are 3 unique and interesting aspects of the marketing strategies. The rule of 3 is so great, it makes people retain the vital information because there’s only 3 things to remember.
  3. I introduced my antagonist, which, in this case, is the competitors. And at the end of every competitor’s analysis, I hit them hard with a point that showed how my product was clearly superior.
  4. One main point per slide. The one thing I wanted the audience to take away. I kept the main points and ditched my supporting points. And I did not use any bullets. NONE.
  5. I used plenty of visuals. I didn’t let my audience read my text for long. They had time to listen to me, not to digest words on screen.
  6. There are plenty of eye contact, as I had prepared my script well.
  7. The entire thing is a show I created. From designing the flow on analog (paper), to thinking of how to bring the point across before finally designing the slide, the whole thing to me is a masterpiece.
  8. Rehearsing and rehearsing. That’s the main point to any presentation. You just got to keep rehearsing so you know your stuff well. And then maintaining eye contact is a lot more easier.
  9. And you must have a lot of enthusiasm. Job’s presentation is amazing cause he is brimming with enthusiasm. He clearly enjoyed his products. And I enjoy my presentation too. I enjoy sharing what my marketing department has done, and the audience can feel it too. They can feel your passion and enthusiasm, and this allows them to enjoy a great presentation.

And this is just how you can have a great presentation too.

Hopefully, when people think back about the times they had with me in University, they’ll look back at this moment and say “He’s a great presenter”. And this moment will forever be etched into their mind, redefining who I am and pushing me to glorious heights.

2 thoughts on “Something that defines you

  1. sounds impressive.

    was about to come here and say all the best for your presentation tomorrow, but looks like you don’t need it 😉

  2. Come on. Let’s me know who you are! Haha.

    I need the “all the best” actually. Thanks. It was great that you came here to wish me. Really appreciate it. I’ll give a great presentation tomorrow. 🙂

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