The Box Theory

I created “The Box Theory” today whilst talking to Ko Ko. And the theory goes like this:

We all have a box that our past experiences and ideas helped to shape. And other people have their own boxes, and they are of a different size. Even within different categories of ideas, our own boxes have different sizes.

Take for example in the field of design of webpages. Someone with experience has a bigger box than someone who doesn’t. And hence, when the experienced guy thinks within the box, to the inexperience person, it is out of his box already. That is because the designed that the experienced guy had seen helped to widen his box. Get it yet?

Hence in different areas, other people may or may not have a bigger box than you. We always have to get more experience to shape our box and enlarge it. Such that even when we think inside the box, it’s outside of someone else’s box.

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