The end of EE3001

Today marks the end of EE3001 after the last ordeal, the presentation, was performed in front of the professors. I wouldn’t say I loved the way it ended, because of two reasons.

1) One of the professors said he had 3 questions, yet none of his “questions” were questions. He didn’t allow us to explain properly, and seemed to be a retort instead. He seems to be wanting to teach us instead, but its really stupid because this is a QnA and you have to let us show you what we think!

He said our marketing analysis was narrow. He didn’t want to listen to my explanation. Yes of course its narrow. We had little time, so I focused on the more important competitor’s analysis! Yes we might be better off comparing with entertainment systems instead of only dance mats, but hey, the target market is quite a niche market right? It’s not like we didn’t do the analysis. We didn’t have time to talk about so many things! Its insane. 30 minutes have to factor in Question and Answer, plus go through technical details of our product, marketing aspects and finance! How do you do a study on a feasibility of a product and really tell anyone the details in 30 minutes.

Plus he got into this stupid discussion about the finance department. Our ROI was 121% over 3 years. Meaning a 6.6% annual rate of return. We compared it to fixed deposits and risk free treasury rate (5%) and said it was a better investment. He wasn’t convinced. Fine. But you know what’s his argument is?

There are mutual funds and stocks that one can go into. And he says mutual funds give about 7% of annual returns. Why invest in our program when we can get 7%?

Omg. He didn’t want to listen to my explanation about mutual funds and unit trust, and he only wanted our Finance Manager to answer. And its really stupid. Mutual funds do not give you 7% returns, risk free. And please don’t think we have no idea what mutual funds and stocks are. I might actually have more knowledge than you in this aspect.

There are different schools of thought, so this discussion sucks because there’s no way to adequately convince anyone. But the idea is this. Mutual funds are not risk free. You do not get guaranteed returns. Much less 7%. Hello? Insurance agents are using the S&P 500 as well as the Dow Jones Industrial Average to say that they can get 9% of returns. But that’s NOT mutual funds! Mutual funds have a certain degree of risk as well. Since when does mutual funds guarantee you 7%? Insane! It’s really irritating when the professor thinks you are just not knowledgeable enough, when you could have an intellectual discussion on this topic. And stocks. Was I wrong to suggest the rates of return differ based on different people? It’s really ignorant of him to talk stocks. Warren Buffett does 20% annual rate of return. Can anyone else do that? Not many! Most people lose money and get burnt. What does this tell you? It’s really insane. Studying till a PhD in Engineering does not make you knowledgeable in Finance!

Seriously if the prof wants to make a point, at least do it convincingly. And allow us to discuss instead of shutting us up. And he’s late. What kind of prof is that.

2) The f**ked up PRC in the 2nd group. They are really assholes. Our slot was at 9am. Naturally we would be setting up and rehearsing at 8.30am. They wanted to come in and set up and rehearse also! Use your f**king brains. Soon it’ll be our presentation and you want to do all these?

And you know what makes me pissed? The PRC insist in charging into the room at 9.30am because it is their slot. Come on. It’s stupid. People are presenting halfway and you come in and disturb. Don’t you have any manners? So we kindly offered him the option to go and discuss with the professors before we began our presentation. He refused. He asked us to ask. It is NONE of my F**king business to ask for you. You go and ask it yourself. Why? No balls ah?

He kept making it seem like its our duty, but the prof came late what? We didn’t purposely not start. Stop making it seem like you’re the victim and we’re not. Another asshole that’s wasting a slot in the university.

Finally he grew balls and walked in to ask the prof. The prof asked him to leave and said he’ll call them in when its their turn. Asshole. If they charged in at 9.30am, it’s going to look so bad on them la. And disturbing presentations. I’ll so love to open the door and throw coffee inside at 9.45am so they get a huge shock. Assholes.

And sometimes people wonder why you just get so biased against them. There are alot of PRC friends that are nice. But it’s really hard to remain unbiased towards those you do not know because generally some of them like to spoil our mindset of them.

If they want respect, stop acting like assholes. And if they haven’t realized yet, the stupid NEA advertisements about littering and spitting is obviously targeted towards some people!

Overall the presentation went well. Not as smooth as the laptop died halfway due to no batt. I wonder why we didn’t switch on the AC. But its a mistake and we handled it quite well. Kudos to Yanling, who was nervous but still managed to remember the stuff she needed to say without using the slides. Thankfully Bernard manage to save his com and put the slides up right before Finance ended and the conclusion begins. It was a cock up on our part, but luckily we were cool. It’s another thing to learn, that is to expect such problems and prepare for them.

And I asked Tai Man to make a joke which goes like this when its his turn to present the conclusion: “I can assure all of you that Mfeel will not die on us like that”. Which made the professors smile. Love this sentence to defuse some tension. It’s great.

Ah well. EE3001 is over. Hopefully we did well for the presentation. Hoping to get an A for this module. Really needed that A.

Time to continue for HR2002 and we’ll then be free of the semester on Thursday!

2 thoughts on “The end of EE3001

  1. Ah, maybe that’s because I was stingy with the ‘all the best’ on the day before. And that prof sucks, really.

    I seem to be meeting many of the nasty PRCs in NUS. The PRCs that I’ve known earlier weren’t so bad. And I’m really unimpressed by those who likes to challenge the lecturer in the middle of a class with some strange scenarios and waste time for no constructive purpose.

    Anyway, judging from your descriptions of your project all this while I think A is easily within reach for you!

    1. Haha well its over. Im considering if I should feedback to the module coordinator or to that prof instead, as like an intellectual discussion.

      Ya there are prcs who are nice people. But a lot of them spoil the good image. Is it so hard to adapt to another culture?

      Haha I wish Ill have an A. It would be fantastic. Hopefully I really do! Haha.

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