Results of deep thoughts

It has been a long time since I blogged about stuff. Most of the time, I just didn’t bother to blog. I guess I forgot how it was like to have an opinion, and to share that opinion. Life gives us many lessons as we go about doing what we do everyday. We learn many things from different sources, from experiences, from stories of others, from dramas and so on.

Sometimes we cannot always get what we ask for. Or to be more specific, we cannot get the best of all worlds in a single package, for that package may not exist. At this moment in life, it is time to take the next step and ponder about possible job opportunities. For next year at this month, I should be embarking on my new phase in life. There are many possible jobs in this world, and all offer various benefits. I had been trapped between a few things. I always wonder, is it better to go overseas and get a unique experience, or is it better to work for money? These two may not have any logical relation, as going overseas need not mean lesser money. But hear me out. Toshiba has this global recruitment program where they hire people from all over the world to work in Japan. At the current exchange rate, it is S$3,084.94. Whilst this may sound like a great deal, in fact, it is just an average engineer’s pay in Singapore. And we don’t get CPF, which means once you come back to Singapore, you have to use cash to buy your house. Whereas if you work at another company, you may have a higher pay, and you still get CPF. Plus in Singapore I need not worry about paying for accomodation. So which is better? Working overseas or being practical? Sometimes we can’t get everything we want in life. Even the emperors of the past are bounded when the power of certain individuals are too huge to control. Perhaps practicality would prevail in the end.

Another thing the drama has given me something to think about is the way we treat other people. Perhaps the most fundamental criteria every leader should have is integrity. To have 问心无愧. And a genuinely hardworking and kind attitude. To treat everyone equally based on meritocracy, which is also the fundamental of what Singapore is.

Recently I had a theory. That is, most people are not evil. They just do not have the same set of information as we do, and as a result, by putting their self interests first, put everyone into disagreements. However when we put in effort to untangle the web, we would realize that we can solve the problem and still meet our self interests. Plenty of things arise because of miscommunication, or perhaps a lack of communication. One example would be during my Industrial Attachment. The interns were tasked to prepare for our internship farewell programme. I would not comment on the absurdity of this whole thing, because it feels like a wayang, and that no other company has that. But the problem arise due to HR telling us that we have a $3,500 budget to work on. As such, when we proceeded to source for hotels, we were careful not to break the budget, but seek to meet it at most. But HR has other views. They probably felt like we wanted to spend the money. And they had the final say. I believe they selected a hotel that wasn’t sourced by the interns. In fact, after the whole issue, I realized there is no such thing as a budget of $3,500. As I work in a company that has to be accountable to the use of the funds, they have a gauge for how expensive every item could be. I believe the best way was to have told us such limitations right at the beginning. We would have saved the discussion time and the time we took to source for hotels and door gifts. Perhaps this whole thing was not transparent enough. There is simply a lack of communication. The interns wanted to know information that HR didn’t give. Even when we asked.

So lessons are aplenty everywhere. We have to learn from life lessons and improve. And try not to make the same mistake that other people made. I’ll have you with this thing from the drama: 说好话,做好事,存好心.

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