Running a marathon

I would just like to say that I have signed up for this year’s Standard Chartered marathon. It’s going to be held on the 5th of December 2010, and I would be running the full marathon, which is 42.195km long. Perhaps it might seem surprising since I was never the really sporty type, and I only engage in the occasional badminton sessions which recently became less occasional.

In reality, I had been thinking about running the Standard Chartered marathon for quite some time now. It would have to be at least a year, since I was thinking about doing the marathon last year, but I ended up not doing it due to school being too busy. Or actually it might just be an excuse. Nonetheless, as of last year, I had already told myself to finish the marathon before I graduate, since I doubt I would have much time to train and prepare for a full marathon once I find employment.

Since I would be a year 4 student in about 2 more months time, this would be the last December of my undergraduate life. Hence I would have to clear the 42.195km this year, if not I would have to do it whilst I work.

Clearing the 42.195km is probably just a challenge I set for myself, having once cleared 22km (slightly more than a half marathon) in SISPEC. In SISPEC, they made us run 22km because they wanted to tell us that we can run a half marathon. In fact, they wanted us to know we could run further than a half marathon, so the symbolic addition of about a km more to the route.

Perhaps I needed some motivation in life, or some form of challenge that make me feel committed. A sense of purpose? I guess to physically run this 42.195km and clearing this huge hurdle of mind over body would be something I would feel proud of myself about. And a sense of devotion to this mission, to start training and keeping myself fit at the same time. When I put on my finisher T shirt at the end of the entire run, I guess, I would feel the sense of pride and excitement.

This time I am going for the run no matter if anyone else is joining me in this 42.195km. I guess in our circle of friends, everyone will have their own interests and priorities, and I would not push them to join because I am joining. I am thankful that people do respect my own wishes too. This is something I have to do for myself too, because I promised myself I would do it, and hence I have to. And I guess I have to be independent about it. Furthermore, everyone runs at a different speed anyway, so it might not be good if the group ends up splitting anyway.

As part of preparations, I downloaded an iPhone app called RunKeeper, which tracks where I run via GPS. Hence I can see my route that I took, as well as the distance, time and speed at every portion of the run. I liked the average speed that the app calculated for me, since speed at every portion is something I had no use for. But when they plot the graph of speed vs time, I could see that my speed was reduced from the beginning and never recovered. I still managed a decent 9.5km per hour, which was slow. I did 10km/ hour during my Guards days, and I would have to catch up soon. And if I can, I would like to eventually meet the 10km in 50 minutes timing that I couldn’t do whilst I was in Guards.

Just to show you my route. I went out of my condo’s side gate, turned right and ran 2 loops. Which would explain why the numbers of the km I ran would appear not to be in sequence. Each round is 2.6km as I found out today. No wonder I couldn’t run my 2.4 properly using this route. The distance is already greater. The red line is the route I took. The blue one is the one I drew for the purpose of grouping similar runs and comparing the data in the future.

This is a great start of my journey towards finishing the 42.195km, and I would need to get a water bag or something for my subsequent trainings of longer distances.

2 thoughts on “Running a marathon

  1. Last time holiday also not a lot ma. Now its like we want to make it last in the semester as well. So its becoming more frequent! haha

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