On wanting to run 42.195km

My friend today mentioned that it was stupid to run the standard chartered marathon just to feel good about it and get the Tee shirt. He thinks it is a waste of money. He says he can drive and I can run and then provide the same support. -_-”

Although he is probably not talking about me, but I don’t really like it too. The reasons for me wanting to run 42.195km is because I wanted to do it. That is all. I wanted to run it, and hence I chose to do it at Standard Chartered, where they provide water points and medical support. I wanted to feel proud of myself. Call it personal glory or what, but I’m not running just to get a tee shirt I could boast to everyone. I hope everyone will respect this.

I still think 45 dollars is worthwhile. The feeling of running through Singapore, knowing that the roads are closed and you can run uninterrupted; the comfort in knowing that there will be water points, and that there will be proper medical support; knowing that you are indeed running 42.195km instead of having to rely on a GPS to track your run and then make sure you really did 42.195km. And the feeling of running with everyone else who are running for their own personal reasons. I guess it is an experience that cannot be gotten by running on our own. I’m not running for shallow reasons. I’m running because I wanted to show myself that I can do it. I’m running because I promised myself I would, and hence I have to. I’m running because this is a challenge to myself, and I wanted to do the mind over body thing again.

I wanted to run the 42.195km and feel good about it, before I become too old to start running.

I guess, as long as I 问心无愧, it’s fine. No matter how others perceive me in my aim to run this, I am going to run it for myself. Remember the video where the man ran a marathon pushing his disabled son in a wheelchair? He didn’t run it because he wanted the world to know. He didn’t run it because of a tee shirt.

He ran it because his son would never know the feeling of finishing a marathon, and he didn’t want to deprive his son of that satisfaction. God might have taken his son’s ability to run, but God cannot vanquish a determined man’s heart to give his son this pride and joy. He ran it because he could. He ran it because it was a challenge. He ran it because he could feel the joy and satisfaction doing it with his son. And we can only stand at the side and be glad that he did it.

And I am going to run it. No matter what anyone say.

2 thoughts on “On wanting to run 42.195km

  1. I ran and completed it last year, albeit that i took quite a while.

    It was a great but painful experience but let no one talk you out of running. Accomplishing the full marathon, regardless of how long you take is a feat in itself, something not everyone has the guts or patience to do.

    I will be running/walking/limping/struggling again for 42.195KM again this year, but am i going to be discouraged just cos people say its tough? Nope, i’m running it for myself, not for them and the medal and shirtis for me to wear, not for them. Haha

    Maybe i might catch you there if we are fated to 😛 It will be a long journey but heck as hell worth every painful step! 😛

    See you bro!


  2. Hi bro,

    glad to know that you are going for the marathon this year! It would be moral lifting to see you running, like one more comrade running alongside me in this challenge we set for ourselves. May we finish this year’s 42.195km and feel proud of ourselves. I know for sure that when I run, I’ll remember that Guards spirit that never gives up, no matter how harsh the terrain, how far the distance or how tough the enemy. 🙂

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