End of the semester

Well, I call it the end of the semester because the semester officially ended when the results are obtained today! And I’m now a year 4 student choosing my FYP. I’m like a senior now! And I’m a good senior k? I can give good advice regarding school matters, but I guess sometimes the advice depends on my mood too and the person I am talking to. If the person I am talking to cannot stand what I really think, then the advice becomes generic. Else, the advice becomes sincere but it might hurt. And it might involve plenty of thinking.

But well, I expected my results to drop. In a way there is a higher chance to drop than to increase. I actually expected my grades, so there wasn’t much of a shock. I had a fear that my HR2002 would get a B or a B-, so a B+ was in reality very comforting for me. It was a huge wayang and I wrote my best. But essay modules were never my forte, and the project was such a weird piece of work that I was hoping for the best but fearing for the worse.

EE3001 was kind of expected as well, though on hindsight I think I deserved an A for all my effort. But alas it was not to be. Sometimes exposure to professor does play a part I guess. Although your contribution might not lose to other people, it might not be good enough if nobody realizes it. I guess an A- is good enough too, although an A would have made it so much more beautiful. A little not very happy over this, but there’s nothing to be done.

My cap dropped by 0.02. Yokatta! Was afraid it’ll drop by 0.05. I have to maintain at around this level so that I can get my first class honours at the end of the 4 years of university. Jiayou everyone! Together we can make miracles happen!

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