Birthday Celebration at Liang Court

Went out with Keira today to Liang Court to find a place listed in Hungrygowhere. The purpose was to celebrate my birthday since I haven’t seen her in a few weeks. Anyway since its my birthday, so its Japanese food as usual! And yes, another ramen outing since I so want to try different restaurant’s ramen! We ended up at a place called Tampopo since the one I was looking for didn’t seem to exist anymore (I think?).

We passed by this place along Clary Quay and I saw this word! HAHA!

This was my choice of poison, the Black Pig Ramen. Sorry I forgot the exact Japanese name, but hey its from the black pig, and it’s ramen! The egg was the correct form of egg with the soft yolk, instead of the hard yolk places like Ajisen has. The ramen was tasty and the soup wasn’t salty compared to that of Ramen Santouka. The char siew meat was delicious, but I preferred the one at Ramen Santouka. However it was good enough.

Keira’s tonkatsu ramen, which came with the fried pork placed on a metal platform to prevent it from getting soggy. Keira added everything into the soup anyway cause she likes it soggy.

I ordered this squid. It’s a chef recommendation stated by the menu and its called Ika something. Haha. I forgot the name again. But when it came I realized Keira didn’t eat squids so I ate the whole thing by myself. An entire squid. By myself. I won’t do it again! Haha.

After that we proceeded to walk around Liang Court since we were so full. Liang Court is a very Japanese place and there’s a lot of Japanese magazines and books at this Kinokuniya! And a lot of Japanese people too. We went hunting for Aya and Maki’s magazine covers and I lost again. I found the first Aya magazine and then Keira promptly found one Maki and one Aya cover in the short span of half a minute. They were like nearly side by side.

After all the walking we went to the pastry shop, and yes, its opened by Tampopo too. Had the shuu cream (learnt this word in Zettai Kareshi, it means Cream Puff) and it’s huge. It’s alright and there’s a lot of the cream. I thought about the chef inside Zettai Kareshi. And I just love shuu creams after watching that show. My present was 2 more shuu creams and one chocolate cake. Frankly I was too full so I brought them home. It’s now sitting deliciously in my refrigerator. Maybe tomorrow?

Thanks Keira for the company. Thanks for the nice tissues too, else the tap would overflow and disgust everyone.

2 thoughts on “Birthday Celebration at Liang Court

  1. Wah…looks real good bro…

    I heard Tampopo is quite famous for their ramen. WIll trythere one day man 🙂 It looks really good!

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