Internship Farewell

On the 11th June 2010, DSTA held an internship farewell to mark the end of our industrial attachment. Whilst I do still have 2 weeks more in my attachment, the other 9 interns, coincidentally from NTU, have all completed the attachment this week. Hence the farewell was held on the last day of their attachment.

The farewell was organized by the interns together with the HR department, and we had it held at Concorde Hotel. The interns came in the early morning to do the final rehearsals and preparation. The entire thing was slightly off as we had dinner at 12.30 and by 2.30pm we started our tea session, during which most of us were not hungry.

I was fortunate to win a box of Merci’s chocolates at the Bingo game. But the best take away from the farewell was the presentation of the certificates of achievements to the various interns. Thanks to my mentor, I had obtained the Excellent grade of certificate. The other types of certificates were either merit or just normal certificate of participation. Whether I had indeed deserved it, I do not know, because there wasn’t much engineering related stuff that I had done. A project engineer does not do much practical hands on engineering, but actually the management of a project through its many phases. The only time when I thought I did a very good job was being in charge of the entire inventory tests and quantity check. I had all the numbers at the tips of my fingers and I could give a progress on how much boxes for each different sets of equipment had been completed. I also sent an email with an excel sheet detailing the progress, defects and date of which we had checked the box. At the final stage I checked the total quantity delivered with the contractual requirement.

I guess I was very pleased with getting the certificate because I could include it in my resume for an internship well done, and I guess this would help in my future jobs if I indeed choose to return to DSTA to work, or to work in the public sector.

We ended the farewell with a song and dance section, which was quite lousy since we didn’t have much time for rehearsals, and we were quite tired. It was the first time I actually danced in front of an audience since I was in kindergarten. And a speech given by one of us, written by yours truly. The script that the previous batch of interns used was a load of balls and seem to be carrying the balls of DSTA rather than being a true speech on our internship. I changed all the nonsense and made it seem more personal.

And after the whole event ended, everyone else left, leaving the interns and our HR executive, Gayle, who has been with us throughout the entire internship, being our point of contact for all HR matters. 9 of the interns eventually went to find a bar to have some drinks. The first place we went had an age requirement of 25. I originally thought 23 was the oldest age restriction, but I was wrong. The second place did not have space for 9, and luckily at the 3rd, we were comfortably settled down.

It was my first time at some bar setting, and it was quite enjoyable to have the company of the other DSTA interns. These 22 weeks had been fun with their company, and I must now walk on the next 2 weeks myself to complete my NUS 24 weeks industrial attachment. 2 weeks more to my 2 week holiday!

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