Random Updates

9 working days more to the end of my Industrial Attachment! Looking real forward to it. It has been a boring day in the office today.

Went to Wk’s house yesterday with Jh and Dom. It was the first time I tried playing Mario Kart and it was on the Wii platform. I think I played on the Wii the most out of the 3 major gaming consoles. As expected, I completely suck at it. Not really a gamer person since I don’t play many games. At most I play games on my iPhone on long journeys to meet other friends. But that’s it. Am totally not a gamer person. Zen zen. Well everyone has their hobbies. To replace gaming I watch my dramas.

After playing a few hours of Mario Kart, I got better at it, but I still suck. We went down to Jurong Town Hall road for the Stingray we kept talking about. The first time this clique had the “meet uni target grade and treat people” event, we originally wanted to go for Stingray, but we changed it to a buffet. We finally got the chance to eat the stingray, though I thought it was too small for the four of us. 4 men, 4 dishes and 8 plates of rice. And we didn’t feel full. And it was cheap too, about $10 per person.

Am watching “Buzzer Beat” now, a basketball drama acted by Yamashita Tomohisa and Kitagawa Keiko, supposedly real life couple, and on screen couple in this show too. There were quite alot of emotions that I feel for this drama, especially hatred towards one central character, but I will write about it in another post.

皆さん を 頑張りました、私が 何を するんですか? どう する?

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