JDrama: Buzzer Beat

I finished watching Buzzer Beat yesterday, taking 4 days to finish this 11 episode Jdrama. I must say I took it nice and slow compared to most dramas that I finish within 2 or 3 days. This is especially so since I can’t sleep late due to the need to wake up early for work, so I watched 2 eps on Sunday, and 3 eps on the remaining 3 days till Wednesday. If you wonder why there’s lesser eps on a weekend compared to a weekday, well, I got the drama from Dom only in our Sunday sting ray outing, and I reached home at 8 plus.

Buzzer Beat is probably more of a romantic drama than anything else. There’s not so much of professional basketball than the development of the character’s affection and internal angst. In a way I can understand the feelings of Naoki (played by Yamashita Tomohisa, affectionately known as Yamapi) when he sees that his girlfriend (played by Saki Aibu of Zettai Kareshi) was cheating on him. The feeling would be really crushing, and from then on I was supporting his character all the way. But I guess I already knew he would end up with Riko (played by Kitagawa Keiko), so I was expecting them to have some development.

And Buzzer Beat didn’t disappoint. But Naoki made me very sad when he didn’t tell the truth to Riko. I think even if you saw your ex and passed her an umbrella, one should let one’s girlfriend know to prevent any problems from happening. Instead of letting her imagination go wild and stuff.

I loved Buzzer Beat because the characters are both 24 (which is my age!). Ok that isn’t true. The thing is, they were both chasing their dreams. Naoki wanting to win the Basketball championship, and Riko wanting to be a violinist in a concert. I was especially happy when Riko said she would stay by Naoki’s side because she didn’t want to leave him (but before you shout MCP!), and Naoki told her to pursue his dreams (why? because..), because Riko was his no 1 basketball fan, and Naoki said he would be Riko’s no 1 violin fan. Two people mutually supporting each other and chasing their dreams, and finally achieving it, I think it’s really sweet.

I like the Coach too, because he is really mature and sweet, and understanding too. He could have potentially caused problems for Naoki and Riko, but he didn’t.

There are a few quotes I liked in the show, but I can’t remember every single one. Perhaps one of the more memorable ones would be “I didn’t know it then, but the ball of fate has already unwind at that time”. Kinda makes you wonder whether some ball of fate has already unwind for you isn’t it?

But I guess in a way, the show is still a drama. Obsessively believing that someone that good will come is like gambling. Waiting for the odds to come. But for most mortals, we typically encounter bad traits and have to learnt to accept them. Life doesn’t always give you someone as nice and handsome as Naoki, or as understanding and pretty as Riko. But I guess what life is about is the mutual support and understanding you can give to each other.


Anyway, Buzzer Beat refers to the ball going into the net as the buzzer for the time out begins to sound. It signifies a last minute score, and it changed the winning team at the beginning and end games. I guess no prizes for guessing who scored the Buzzer Beat on the last one. Yes that baka hachi ban, Naoki.

“Awanai nante iwanai de” looks and sounds like a rhyme but it just means “Don’t say let’s not meet”.

I went to check the wiki, Yamapi and Keiko won the Best Actor and Best Actress last year using this show! I remember my first JDrama was Kurosagi, and Yamapi won the Best Actor then, and Maki won the Best Supporting Actress. At least now Keiko is considered the main and not the supporting. 🙂

I love this drama. Shall store it and watch it when I am bored next time.

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