Being the government

I think being in a government is a tough job. No matter what you do, there will be people complaining about your governance. As long as someone’s life is hard, they will complain. When you say CPF is there to provide for old age, they will complain and say people now know how to save. When you say the purpose of raising GST is to help the poor, they only think of how raising GST will increase the prices of the goods they are buying.

As long as you are at a higher position over someone else, you will be bitched about. Even in the working environment. Sometimes it might be due to a miscommunication, but most of the time people at the bottom just bitch to feel better. Even managers, yes, as long as there is someone above, most people will complain and complain. There is just no satisfying everyone.

The CPF is there to save money for you. Just treat it as auto saving 20% and more (since there is employer contribution). Even if the government give you the money, you will still save the 20% up in the bank isn’t it? This is because you want to buy a house etc. And the interest rates in CPF is 4% (conditions apply. Only first $x in OA), which is better than the pathetic 0.01% in banks?

Put it simply, the government cannot end up in a situation where retirees have no money and start asking money from the government. When that situation occurs, the tax money would be used, and hence now we get a situation of the young paying for the old. CPF is NOT taking the young’s money to put in the old’s account. We cannot afford to have everyone on social support, so for those idiots who cannot save money properly, the rest of us have to suffer the inflexibility. Yes some of us might be able to generate better returns, but sadly most of us cannot. Hence for the majority, it is logical for the minority to have to sacrifice. Balancing the needs of everyone and the needs of the few is a delicate task the government has to do.

On another topic, how many times have we seen fellow Singaporeans take up our minister’s quotes to make fun of? Especially the one about social support, about how much do you need? Hawker center food, food court food, or eating in a restaurant.

I don’t think our minister was wrong at all in saying that. For a person living on social support, how much does one really need? Do we need to give them enough money so they can have a super comfortable life? Eat at Jacks Place everyday? Watch movies at GV Gold Class? As long as they have enough to live on, with a roof over their heads and food to eat, I think, we have done our part as fellow Singaporeans. After all, we work hard for ourselves, not to benefit other people who don’t.

Sometimes I wonder, what is the government’s role? We elect representatives of us as our leaders, to go to places like the Parliament and discuss things for the benefit of the country. However, might I ask, whether their role is to represent public opinion and implement popular policies for the masses, or to move with unpopular policies that will inconvenience the masses but is good for the country subsequently? Both are logical. And what is popular with the masses might be detrimental for the nation.

Take for example, National Service. If we allow the citizens to vote, we’ll probably scrape it. But is it vital? Is it really needed? I don’t know the information the government has, but I guess they do look into it and determine if we have this level of threat existing in the region. But I guess it is always good to question the government, so there’ll always be a thinking process there. But sadly most of the questions are noise. Lacking in standard and are mostly whine.

Should we inconvenience the minority who know how to save for the majority who don’t?

Should we implement NS to deter aggressors or cancel it to lessen the inconvenience for the Singapore born males.

Should we invite FT to play for us in sports, so that the excitement generated would be good enough to produce our own talents in 30 years time, or should we use our talents now who might not win anything, hence not generating enough excitement and not changing the situation? FT now and local later, or local forever?

They are all difficult choices to make, and so many things to think about. But at least when I am able to feel secure about myself and my future, and I can live happily here, to me, I guess that’s great. We’re already so fortunate compared to other places. Caning vandalisers, hanging drug murderers. Cruel? Draconian? I guess, I like this Singapore.

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