Running 10km

This is the results of today’s run. I did not maintain my fitness over the years, hence I took too much time to run. By right my normal speed is more than 10km/hour, and today I only managed 8.49km. Indeed different from when I was in NS. Guards would have disapproved. What happened to 10km in 50 minutes? Or 5min per km.

After the run my legs were a little like jelly. The last time I actually ran 10km was probably in NS. Since 2006! That’s a long time. And I am happy I can still run 10km on a whim without properly training for it.

The road to 42.195km is long and tough, and there are many more obstacles to clear before I can reach that level. 12km, 15km, 21km and then going on to 42.195km. Lots of training and preparation, plenty of things to learn.


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