The end of my industrial attachment

Today marks the end of my 24 weeks in DSTA. A good 6 months of industrial attachment; a truly wonderful experience. Although the technical knowledge gained isn’t a lot, I actually got exposed more to what DSTA does and the field of project management. It would be a nice place to work at, and I am interested in project management as well. I guess in a way it would be good for future management roles.

24 weeks isn’t exactly a long period of time, but neither is it short. In a way I was waiting for the weeks to go by and for my attachment to end, but to be frank, most of the time I didn’t need to count the weeks. They just went by easily and oh its week 22 already. After the NTU interns finished their IA at week 22, the countdown to my last day was a little unbearable. There was no intern to talk to, and I was finishing up on my work. Each day was slow because I kept quiet in the office.

And by finishing my IA, I can now stick to my iPhone and not change phones at Sunday night. I can bring my camera phone around!

Anyway at night the EE3001 project team went out for dinner at Crystal Jade @ Holland Village. It’s the xiao long bao buffet so we kept ordering the xiao long bao. Actually we didn’t really keep ordering, cause we ordered like 20 at one shot. Each containing 5 xiao long baos. For the other steamboat stuff, my table only ordered a single round. The other table also gave us all the prawns. I ate like 7 prawns in total.

We spent the time chatting and planning for the next outing. It was enjoyable, really, to sit down and just enjoy the talk. One topic that emerged was the $9500 starting salary for banking jobs. And that’s the pay for fresh graduates. Totally insane. Yanling said that if one has passion, then follow the passion, else can go into banking. I joked that my passion was money. Keira knew it wasn’t. So she asked me. But I didn’t say anything.

Money is still undoubtedly important isn’t it. Enough to sway decisions. Considering that there are so much in life to pay for. The future MBA course in a local university, which costs about S$50,000. The future house. The future car. Taking the money for investments to plan for retirement. Having money to actually make sure the family is comfortable and that I would be able to give a proper headstart to my future children. Money undoubtedly plays a major role in each phase in life. We can’t run away from it. But money might not be the sole deciding factor.

The sense of purpose is another deciding factor. What do we want to do? Would we want to feel that yes the job is meaningful. There’s just so much things to think about. Luckily there is still one more year left before I have to face everything.

Keira gave me a keychain thingie for my birthday. The zanpakto of Kuchiki Byakuya. How apt. Just the thing I need to remind me to work hard for the remaining two semesters.

Ganbarimasu. Let’s get a good job and start planning for retirement.

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