All bloggers against Advertlets

I have been sick and tired of Advertlets not paying me what it owes me, and after I have seen a fellow blogger complain, I thought action should be taken. Let’s all find out how much they owe from us, and collate a list. I’m sure the newspapers would have a field day when the list grows to a few thousand dollars.

Dear Advertlets,

It has come to my attention that your service towards bloggers could be considered as horrendous. Considering how your company lives off many bloggers, I wonder how much money has not been paid to them. Is Advertlet’s not ashamed of it’s stinking reputation?

I have repeatedly pressed for payment for my account since last year. As of July 9, 2009, Advertlets owe me a payment of RM103.08. On Feb 10, 2010, the debt grew by an additional RM101.07 to RM204.15. As of today, my account also has RM7.88.

This works out to RM212.03. Might I ask again, when is Advertlets going to pay me my money? Please do not use the lame excuse of needing time to process. Certainly you do not need a whole year. Please also do not notify me that the processing would be faster if I gave you all my bank account number, for I gave you all my account number twice and nobody obviously gives a damn about it.

This is the final straw and my final warning. This is also the final time I am trying to be civil towards your company. Even though the reputation of Advertlets stinks, I think there is room for more shit to be stirred out. I wonder how many people I can find whom your company owes money to? I wonder if the law would take pity on a sad internet company.

The exchange rate as of now would convert RM212.03 to S$91.30. I hope to see this amount in my bank account by the end of the week.

Thank you for teaching me how horrible customer service can be.

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