Right or wrong to scold maid?

I saw a video from razortv and they were discussing about a stomp post where a girl was found asking her maid to take out the beansprouts from her bowl of noodles. When the maid didnt do her job properly, she scolded the maid?

Is this wrong? RazorTV seems to think so. Yet since when can our media claim that a particular action is right or wrong? Morality in plenty of cases are not so clear cut.

One thing for sure, plenty of bosses scold their employees too when they make mistakes. Unless we censure such actions too, Im afraid its plain wrong to suggest that reprimanding a maid be wrong. In the eyes of the law, reprimanding is not maid abuse!

Stompers also took the moral high ground and said that such princesses are spoilt. Whilst I would not allow my future children to do this, I doubt I can say that it is wrong. Is it in the maids job scope or is it not?

Can we safely accuse someone of being spoilt just like that?I mean its just a different way of living, and is it called being spoilt? Women who hire part time maids to clean the house cause both husband and wife are at work, are they spoilt? What if their jobs are very important and many peoples survival depends on them running the company properly? As such time is better spent on business and recharging rather than slogging on housework during the weekends?

Can we honestly claim a moral high ground based on an aspect of the truth?

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